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What 2012 Holds For The Digital Marketing Industry – A Sneak Preview

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Our CEO Linda Rosanio takes on the role of soothsayer once again this year for the Philly Ad Club. Her annual “Outlook” article for the Ad Club News predicts the trends that will chart the course of the digital marketing industry for the year ahead.

The reason she keeps getting asked to share her prognostications is for the simple reason she is more often than not right on the money with her predictions.

digital marketing industry

And while you’re going to have wait just a little while longer to see the full array of her fearless forecasts for 2012 – they’ll appear in both the print and online versions of the January edition of the Philly Ad Club magazine, we figured we’d share a little sneak preview with you.

Prediction: The Web is Dying a Slow Death

But the Internet is going strong. Today’s marketers need to lead the charge in new technology, engagement strategies and optimization of campaigns based on data. It’s “Synegrated.” That’s how we describe it. In any typical day, we are engaging without the web. Apps, apps and more apps—Facebook, Twitter Skype, IM, Pandora and streaming Netflix videos. Consumers aren’t rejecting the web—they are choosing to use dedicated platforms because they just work better.

digital marketing industry

Prediction: The iPad will be the Most Important Device since the IBM PC

Why? First it makes the computer experience transparent to the user. When we use the iPad, we don’t feel like we are using a computer. Second, the iPad will firmly plant us in the ear of touch computing. For decades, computer scientists have known that touch is a far more natural way to interact with computers. And finally, most of the time we are on computers, we’re consuming information, not creating it. The iPad is optimized for consumption, accommodating 70 percent of what we actually do on computer—from the comfort zones of our couches, our beach loungers, wherever!

digital marketing industry

Prediction: Television as We Know It is Over

There will still be a screen in our living rooms, bedrooms and throughout our homes. But we will be able to track usage since the device will also be a computer or have Internet connection. With almost 70% of video consumed on-Internet connected devices, revenue models for television advertising will change. Once televisions are computers, analytics of who watches will get more accurate than Nielsen panels. With actual measurement, ad rates will adjust because the numbers aren’t as rosy as Nielsen makes them look. Newspapers felt it first and television will experience a similar shift in revenue models.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.