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Types Of RC Planes

Since there are tons of variations that come with RC planes, it is really important that you learn more about the different kinds of planes that are there and what is the best plane according to your needs. HeadsUp Hobby is where you can buy these planes at affordable prices along with the best services.  Here is your guide to the different RC aircraft that are available in the market.

  • Trainer Airplanes
    These are the basic type of airplanes that are available in the market. With their stability levels, these are really good for people that are trying to learn flying RC planes. These planes are available in electric and gas versions that you can choose according to your level.
  • Sport Airplanes
    These planes are also good for learning purposes as these planes are also stable and can even perform tricks making them multi-purpose and suitable for both amateur and intermediate pilots.
  • Aerobatic Airplanes
    These are powerful planes that are capable of doing tricks and fly really aggressively. These planes are specifically designed for tricks and ariel movements that are aided by their large wind span and powerful motors.

  • Warbirds
    Nice looking RC airplane that is inspired by military planes. It can be a little hard for newbies to control these planes which is why these planes are not that suitable for training purposes. Although, new planes are designed keeping new pilots in mind as well.
  • Vintage RC airplanes
    These are enjoyed by people that love traditional designs as these plane designs are often inspired by planes of the 40s and 50s. These planes are also referred to as Old Timer planes as they are from the golden age of aerodynamics.
  • RC Floatplanes
    These seaplanes are getting more and more popular these days. Since you can land these planes on the water as well, it is more fun and entertaining for some pilots. However, it is recommended that you develop good landing skills before you start with these seaplanes as it is really easy to lose a plane in the water.
  • Single Rotor Helicopters
    These helicopters are really common and are much easier to fly as compared to other planes. You can dedicate the popularity of RC planes to these helicopters. It is a little complex to handle these planes as they have a complicated clutch and assembly plate. Moreover, due to these complexities, these planes can be a little expensive as well.
  • Coaxial RC Helicopters
    With their two rotors, you get a much stable performance from these helicopters. Since there are two blades is no need for tail rotor with these helicopters.

  • Jets
    These are RC planes that are for expert-level pilots as it is really hard to control these jets. Although you get a really good and fun experience with these jets because of their speed and sound, these jets are really expensive.
  • Gliders
    Gliders are inexpensive planes in which there is no motor and you can fly these planes with the help of wind. You need to launch these planes from a high spot and control its direction with the help of its wings.
  • Powered Gliders
    These are similar to traditional gliders but with a motor mounted in from of them. With the help of this motor, you get much better speed and performance from these planes.
  • Blimps
    Blimps are helium-filled airships that are designed for indoor use. There are several motors in these airplanes along with a helium-filled balloon that lifts the plane. You can control the movements of this plane with the remote control as well. However, you can use these airplanes in strong winds as you will have no control over the direction of the plane at that time.
  • Mulitcopters
    These are drones that have more than 3 motors making them more stable and agile than other RC plane variants in this video. This is why these multicopters are widely used for videography and photography.
  • Autogyros
    A combination of a plane and a helicopter. If you are already familiar with planes and helicopters then you can try these autogyros for a change. These can be a great addition to your plane collection.

  • Ornithopters
    These RC plane designs are inspired by birds. You get a plane that flies as it flap its wings in order to gain momentum. These are not that popular among people that fly RC planes which is why you will rarely see this type of RC plane.
  • Novelty RC Aircrafts
    Anything else that can fly is considered to be a Novelty RC aircraft. Since it is really easy to create airplanes using the correct procedure, and that product may not fit in any of these categories.

All these are the different types of RC copters that are available in the market. As you are now familiar with different types it is really easy to choose one for yourself. You can choose according to your experience and proficiency in flying these RC airplanes and helicopters.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.