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Treatments to Manage Chronic Back Pain through exercises

To manage chronic back pain, treatments come in a wide variety of invasive and non invasive delivery methods. There are many different medications and procedures that are used to keep this type of chronic pain to a minimum. The main goal is to help the person who suffers with this pain to be able to live with more quality in their life by reducing this pain.

Chronic back pain can be treated a number of ways to help manage the pain level from becoming extreme. Medications such as narcotics, anti inflammatory, and muscle relaxers are three of the typical drug families used to treat this pain. The narcotic drugs come in a variety of generic names and can be prescribed in short or long lasting doses for the patient in pill form. There is also a narcotic slow absorbent patch that can be absorbed through the patient’s skin to provide a more even and longer pain relief regiment. These drugs work on the pain center of the brain to block the pain receptors so the pain is elevated or not felt at all. This family of drugs is dispensed with prescription only and is highly addictive. These drugs should be taken under strict supervision of a doctor.

Anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen have a pain relieving effect to them along with offering the anti inflammatory treatment. This drug shrinks the swelling around the nerve tissue that is causing pain. This type of drug is sold over the counter and is non habit forming. Steroids are also used for short periods of time as an anti inflammatory and these are by prescription only.

The muscle relaxant group of drugs such as soma is a medication that relaxes the muscles when the pain is stemming from a pulled muscle, such as the muscles in the back. This family of medication relaxes the muscle and in turn elevates the pain. These are given by prescription only and some of the medications in this group can be habit forming, such as Valium. Dr. Rovner Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics will advise the patients to do exercise instead of consuming medicines. The results will be slow but they will be long-lasting for the person. 

Another source of treatment management for chronic back pain is physical therapy. For this treatment you would go to a physical therapy office anywhere from one to three times a week and have heat treatments, stretching treatment, and back massages. This along with other treatments tapered just for the individual provides relief over time. This is a treatment your doctor would need to refer you to.

There is a treatment that delivers cortisone to the inflamed tissue around the nerves that are causing pain. This is delivered through a hypodermic needle and can give some pain relief if the exact spot of this nerve swelling is treated. If this procedure is done under an X-ray machine, the chances of getting the exact location of this pain are much better than if done without.

Some of the other treatments prescribed for chronic back pain are as simple as walking, swimming and doing back stretch exercises. Your doctor will be the one to decide which if any will work for you.

Chronic back pain can sometimes be relieved by putting the patient in traction periodically to actually stretch the back so the discs are no longer pinching the nerves which may be the root to certain back pain. There are many other techniques that have been used to elevate the number one source of chronic pain, the back. There are surgeries that are also available to treat chronic back pain, some are minimally evasive and need very little recuperation after being performed.

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