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Top Five Spanish News Sites Online

Are you someone in search for news sites that provide the top news by the hour in the Spanish language? Maybe you are a native speaker who prefers reading the news in your very own language than English. It might also be that you are learning your way through the Spanish language and you want to further your vocabulary. The fastest way to learning any language is reading materials in the said language regularly. Books, magazines, blogs, websites – they are all your alies in the process of learning. However, it is best to read material that you have a knack for or makes you curious so you keep on reading thereby helping you get a grip on the language faster.

The best way to keep your interest piqued is to follow the news. The news is ever-changing, infinitely engrossing and keeps you educated. We may have started out with reading newspapers but the recent generation has more faith in digital media than print. Digital media simply makes things more convenient. So here are the top 5 news sites that promote the translation of Spanish news and bring you the most concise, interesting and factual news around the world.

  1. BBC Mundo:

BBC is no newcomer in the field of news. Everyone across the world has heard of the multinational British Broadcasting Corporation which also incidentally happens to be the oldest and most reliable broadcasting organization and source of information. BBC Mundo (Mundo meaning world in Spanish) is a part of the BBC initiative that offers news in as many as 40 languages. The very first broadcast in Spanish is dated as early as 1938, back then news was spread via radio transmissions only. With gradual change in time and technology, BBC extended its branches and begun broadcasting news in print media, radio, television and ultimately digital media. Previously named the BBC Latin American Service, the organization officially changed their name to BBC Mundo as of 2005. The BBC Mundo website presents news in Spanish for all the Spanish speakers across the globe. The homepage of the website is divided into various segments with parts dedicated to technology, world news, Latin American news, health, society and so on. The page is also strictly divided into two sections: Main News and Most Seen. It also showcases the most noteworthy news by the hour. To add to the attraction the BBC Mundo webpage also has a section devoted to videos where you can watch videos in the Spanish language. You can access the webpage via the BBC Mundo website or you can download the app from any appstore.

  1. CNN en Espanol:

CNN is a household name in the news sector and broadcasts their news in various languages one of the most popular language being Spanish. The Spanish version has been named CNN en Espanol which especially focuses on news concerning Latin American countries. The website portrays the news that are of the most importance at very top of the page and as you scroll down you are greeted with various other divisions and sub-divisions of news. The homepage is divided into various groups such as entertainment, world, style, technical, sports etc. Each section consists of various news articles on the particular topic and is provided with images and videos concerning the news. The website also has a section named “videos of the day” where you get access to the most watched and talked about videos of the day in Spanish.

  1. RTVE:

If you are looking for a website that has been exclusively made for the Spanish speakers across the globe, RTVE is your go to choice. RTVE is the largest audiovisual group originating in Spain. They offer news in TV channels, radio stations as well as online forums. The RTVE website gives you access to the 24 hour news channel, blogs and articles about the latest noteworthy events, a radio segment where you can listen to the Spain National Radio and watch programs that were broadcasted on the Spanish TV. The best part of the website is you get to experience many live events which makes the whole experience more interactive.

  1. El Pais:

El Pais is hailed for being one of the most popular newspapers running in Spain. Therefore it comes as no surprise that their website depicts the most well written and factual news content thereby ensuring the reader stays glued to the story. The El Pais webpage offers news on varied topics ranging from technology, international, Spain, society, economy etc. The content of the webpage is diverse so you are likely to find news on all kinds of topic ranging from serious to humurous. The webpage also sports a section dedicated to videos. The website also gives you the opportunity to change the format in bigger or smaller font as per your requirement. You can also change the contrast of the phone and enable night mode.

  1. El Mundo:

El Mundo comes only second in popularity and circulation of newspapers in Spain. The website is available in two online versions, one for Spain and the other for Latin America. While both the versions consist of noteworthy news around the world and sections devoted to economy, world, trade and so on, the Spanish version of the website has a particular section that is known to be a source of entertainment among many; the sport of Toros or bullfighting.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.