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The Key Differences Between A Turntable And A Record Player

For more than three decades, record players were in hype for the quality sound music as they were the only in this lineup. At that time, songs used to record with such hard work, and the only option to store that music was large vinyl discs. As these discs were placed on a record player, the stylus used to pick up a song, which is quite similar to a normal DVD player. That was the era, and you can still find lots of people who love their collection of records.

Considering these factors, you can find that a turntable is part of a record player. It earned this name due to the circular and flat surface, and it is always rotating at a particular speed. After a couple of years of this new term, people started avoiding the term Record player and started calling it a turntable. Even, both the terms are interchangeable. Do these aspects put a doubt that is both things totally similar? Well, it’s not.

Both the terms are used for the same thing, but there are few differences now(haven’t existed at the beginning of this term).  Instead of waving around facts, let’s have a close look at the definition of both.

Turntable – History, Getting the New Term and Uses

The Turntable is a device or machine which is used to play music through the vinyl record. There is a small stylus on the same unit which picks up information from the rotating record. The stylus comes into the touch with grooves from the surface of the disc. When the stylus vibrates from the same procedure, it plays the recorded sound in it.

Back in the seventies, these devices were highly popular for quality. In the eighties, the era of Turntable started fading due to the CD players. In current times, turntables are not very popular and only owned by people who are music aficionados.

In order to manipulate music in clubs, some of the DJs are still preferring vinyl records. If you are also a die-hard music fan and love playing tracks on high quality, then buying vinyl records is a great choice. Even, you can consider buying a Victrola 6 in 1 as a great multimedia option.

The best thing about having a turntable in the club is, turntables are able to bear back rotation, which can make platter to accommodate the motor. Even it can also accommodate the record without any issue, that’s why Turntable is highly effective. The quality of music is way more impressive.

A Record Player –History and Differences

Just from the glare, both things are kind of similar. If you haven’t used both, then you can’t tell the difference. However, the major difference is the absence of a speaker as well as amplification. Turntables are just devices that connect with speakers and amplifiers separately.

There is nothing included in the same unit. But, if you look at a record player, you can find a huge difference between speakers and amplifiers in the same unit. When you buy a record player, you won’t have to spend a single penny on additional units because everything is included.

The story is totally different when it comes to Turntable. They are highly adequate, reliable, and better to consider for an affordable option. Turntables are expensive and can make you spend extra time buying other units.

In simple words, a record player has Turntable, cartridge, stylus, arm, speakers, and other required units to play music. This single unit is helpful to save you space, time, and money. Considering the sound quality, you can say that a record player is fine for the price, not good as a turntable.

The major reason behind the difference in sound quality is, when a person buys Turntable, he plans to get the best sound quality. That’s why he spends money on great speakers, great amplifier, and quality vinyl records.

The Final Verdict

In case you are willing to buy a turntable, you must consider going with an all-in-one unit such as Victrola 6 in 1. Buying such units can save you money and time at the same time. The sound quality is also great among such products, so you can consider them without having a single issue.

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