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The Best Bowling Alleys in Winter Park, Florida

There are two major bowling alleys in the Winter Park, Florida area: the Bowl America located at 1111 west Fairbanks Avenue and Aloma Bowl located at 2530 Aloma Ave. Before I lived in the Winter Park area I always found it to be funny that there were two bowling alleys on the same street roughly 3 miles away from one another, so no matter what direction you might have been coming from it was always a toss up as to which one you went to; and when you were trying to direct someone to a specific one they would always end up at the wrong one. However, after living in the area now for a few years and having the regular option of both alleys I have certainly arrived at one single best place to bowl in Winter Park.

Let’s begin with the first bowling alley, Bowl America, which all the locals refer to as Winter Park Bowl, which we will refer to in this article as WPB. At first glance this bowling alley looks like it should be on a street with two other buildings and liquor store, more than likely it probably was this way at one time. Though looks can be quite deceiving they are not here. This is your bowling alleys alley; it’s straight out of the textbook. It has your usual local leader boards and leagues that someone physically changes every week, cosmic bowling also known as glow bowling, the smell of years of cigarette smoking and beer drinking, and every time I have gone I met the same guy at the counter who’d probably been there as long as the building had. They do, however, have a nice competitive bowling rate of 6.99 from 9pm to 11 PM Monday through Thursday, which has led me there many a night for some cheap bowling.

But, if you have never been there before and you are the type of person who likes to peruse the Internet to find information, their website is terribly unhelpful and will not elude you to what can be expected of this bowling alley or what it well cost to be there. It is extremely uninformative, generalized, and vague, especially for being a website representing a chain of 19 bowling alleys and most certainly when compared to Aloma Bowl’s website which only represents three and makes you want to go there as soon as the page opens.

So, let’s talk about Aloma Bowl which is one of three in the Aloma Bowling Centers family, just eight minutes west of WPB on the same street. Aloma Bowl also looks as though it was in its location long before it’s neighbors, but looks can be deceiving and definitely are here. When you walk into Aloma Bowl it gives you the sensation that you are ready to rent shoes and bowl the best game of your life, you may even want to make a quick stop in the game room and try for a Hi-Score, or go to their bar Stroker’s for a couple of drinks while watching locals shoot a few games of pool, as even they choose this bowling alleys bar as a local watering hole.

They are open from 9 AM until 11 AM Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday, until 1 AM on Monday and 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. They offer amazing specials everyday for every type of person and every age group, from Senior Fun Day on Sunday to Flashback Friday for Rock N Bowl. They have $2 for Tuesday, which is 2-dollar games, 2-dollar shoes, 2-dollar beers, and 2-dollar well drinks. They even have a college night and moonlight bowling all with very own competitive rates. To top it all off they have Quarter mania on Sundays which is 14 dollars for all you can bowl including shoes from 8:30 PM until close and as you could probably guess, 25 cent soda, beer, hotdogs, and popcorn. This brings me to food; Aloma Bowl has nearly fifty items on their menu consisting of salads, subs, pizza, appetizers, and snacks to suit your taste buds. All the pricing is reasonable for a family night or a night out with friends on a budget. The best part of Aloma Bowling Center is that you can discover everything you desire to find out from their website, which is incredibly helpful, inviting and gives you the spirit of a good time about to happen.

I recommend Aloma Bowl as the number one place to bowl in Winter Park, Florida and WPB, Bowl America as number two. In fact, writing the last portion of this made me want to go and get a turkey, pitcher of soda, and some onion rings at Aloma Bowl.

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David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.