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Tattoo Removal Clinics and Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia

There are a number of reasons for you may want to remove a tattoo. If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area there are professionals willing to help you with tattoo removal.

Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Tattoos always seem like a good idea at the time, usually when we are young and carefree. Sometimes, however, you get a crappy tattoo. Circumstances change, lifestyles and styles change, and some tattoos fade. Some jobs require that you have no tattoos. Sometimes you get a tattoo in the military or in jail, only to decide later that the tattoo is no longer a reflection of you. There are a number of different reasons you may be looking for tattoo removal. As tattoo removal Naples FL is providing you with the best services amazing skills for the removal of the tattoo, you don’t have to roam around for such services as they are providing professionals for that particular task.

There are tattoo fade creams on the market, but they work better on black and blue tattoos than other colors. Fade creams may serve to lighten a tattoo that was not inked well in the first place, but to ensure proper removal of a professional tattoo it is best to find a professional to remove the tattoo.

Tattoo Removal in Atlanta, GA

Fortunately, as laser skincare and treatments have developed it has become easier than ever to remove a tattoo. Because tattoo removal involves laser treatment, it is important to consult a professional, like one of the following plastic surgeons or clinics in Douglasville, GA or northwest Atlanta, listed below.

Edmond I Griffin, MD, in Atlanta, GA, uses laser technology to remove tattoos.

Dr. Edmond I Griffin will remove your tattoo using laser procedures that are relatively painless. It’s definitely more painless than getting the tattoo in the first place. Depending on the depth and color of the tattoo it may require more than one treatment for successful, permanent removal of the tattoo. According to American Health and Beauty laser treatments tattoo removal.

A benefit of seeing Dr. Griffin for tattoo removal is their use of Q-Switched Ruby and Neodymium YAG lasers which work more quickly than traditional lasers to explode color pigments. Once the colors are broken down, your body works to expel them through the natural cleansing and elimination process. Q-Switched Ruby and Neodymium YAG lasers reduce the chances of minimal scarring associated with older laser tattoo removal methods.

Edmond I. Griffin, MD
Dermatology Associates of Atlanta / Griffin Center
5555 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road NE, Suite 190
Atlanta, GA 30342

Dermatologist Gardner Alan M, MD offers tattoo removal. A well-respected dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in the Atlanta area offer tattoo removal.

Dr. Gardner is most concerned with the health and appearance of your skin, so your tattoo removal will be scheduled over a number of visits. Gardner Dermatology is confident that most tattoos can be successfully removed with minimal scarring. Dr. Gardner will consult with you, exam your tattoo, and discuss the success of tattoo removal like yours.

Gardner Alan M MD
Gardner Dermatology
Suite 220
2550 Windy Hill Rd, Marietta, GA 30067
770- 952-2100‎

If you live north of the Atlanta, Georgia area and need professional, reliable tattoo removal, Gardner Dermatology has a satellite office in Ellijay, Georgia.

Gardner Dermatology Medical Offices
at Laurel 97 Hefner Street
Ellijay, Georgia 30540

Tattoo Removal in North East Atlanta, GA with Dr. Kendra A. Cole, MD.

Before you agree to treatment for tattoo removal, make sure you have found a board-certified dermatologist who will help you understand the tattoo removal procedure and skincare. Dr. Kendra Cole is recognized as a leader in her field and also uses the latest laser technology to remove tattoos. Q-Switched Ruby lasers ensure maximum elimination of tattoo color pigments with minimal scarring.

Kendra A. Cole, MD
3655 Howell Ferry Road, Suite 400
Duluth, GA 30096

Cost of tattoo removal.

The cost of tattoo removal will vary from patient to patient. Cost depends on the location of the tattoo, the color of the tattoo, and the skin condition of the individual seeking tattoo removal. Most laser tattoo removals require more than one treatment. There are additional charges for each visit. You should consult a couple of doctors to determine who offers the best price and has the best reputation for service.

Tattoo removal can start as low as $250 but will increase with multiple treatments and colors that are more difficult to destroy. Tattoo removal is significantly more expensive than getting the tattoo in the first place. Removing large tattoos can run into over a thousand dollars. There are times and situations in life, however, when tattoo removal becomes worth the cost.

The doctors listed in this article are a good place to start looking for tattoo removal clinics in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

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