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Some Cool Ways To Customize Laptops Suggested By Great Programmers

Some people are very creative, and they tend to something creative that gives them positive energy to do work. Customizing laptops can be an excellent way to increase your interest in work. Some cool programmers on the internet tend to provide ideas on how to customize laptops. There are several options that can help to enhance the look and feel your laptop by customizing it. Not everyone has the proper knowledge on how to customize the look and feel, so it is better to search on the internet and know the different ways.

Customizing your laptop can help you to be productive and experience more personal things. Every laptop provides its users with a wide range of options to customize their laptops to enhance their user experience. People that don’t have much work to do on laptops must buy these super cheap laptops and can know more about the features of it. Let us know some of the cool and incredible ways of customizing the laptops which are suggested by the cool programmers:-

  1. Changing the themes of the laptop screen

The easiest and simplest way of personalizing your laptop is to change the theme and lock screen of your laptop. You can search for the Personalization option in your laptop, the right-clicking anywhere, and can preview all the background images or themes. You can select the one that adds up the taste to your laptop and pick a lock screen picture or theme as well. You can also choose your own photos from the gallery and set them as background pictures.

  1. Virtual desktops

People that do jobs have some work data that must use the option of the virtual desktop. This will create a different desktop where you can save your work files, and on other desktops, you can save your data. You need to press the Windows key+ TAB key to get the display of open windows and then at the right corner look for the option of a new desktop. By clicking on the new desktop, you can add up your personal files in one desktop and can do business seriously on the virtual desktop.

  1. Change color themes

The plain Start Menu doesn’t look good anymore and doesn’t excite you when you work. You must change color themes by choosing the option to personalize, then color. Select the color that is appealing and is your favorite. You can also change the color theme of the taskbar, action center, start menu, and title bars.

  1. Use dark mode

To your laptop, an edgier feel you must replace that white background and make use of dark mode. You need to go to the personalization option and then select colors. You must to scroll down and find the default app mode. Clicking on the dark mode will set your screen, and clicking on white will set the default settings like the white background. Some programmers like to have a dark background so that everything is highlighted in it.

  1. Control transparency effects

Some elements of laptop like start, taskbar, apps, and action center have transparency effects with some kind of textures. The textures are blur and noise, and you can enable or disable these effects anytime. To control the transparency effects, open Settings, and then select colors from the personalization option. Choose the option transparency effects to enable or disable these effects.

  1. Controlling lock screen app notifications

There are some applications that show their notifications like details and status. You can easily add or remove the notifications of applications by opening the settings then click personalization and lock screen. There is only one app on the laptop that shows the detailed status, which is the Calendar app, which is by default. If you want to get notifications of another app, then you need to choose the app and then go on option show detailed status. You can add one or more apps to show their notifications and can disable them anytime according to requirements.

  1. Customize Start Menu

The start menu is a feature and a kind of experience where you can find apps, settings, and files. There are many options for customizing the Start Menu in which some of by default, and some can be personalized by changing the settings. Let us know some of the choices by which we can change the look of the start menu like displaying more titles on start, showing app list in the start menu, recently added or most-used apps, use full screen, and many more.

You can customize your laptop in many ways. You can also add up the laptop skin, which comes in a wide range. This gives the laptop an enhanced look, and you can enjoy doing your work. Get to know about some of the incredible ways in which programmers customized their laptops.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.