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Review of the Nikon Coolpix P50

The Nikon Company has been able to bring cost-low device in the market of photography. The introduction of the Cool-pix P50 made it possible for the Company to reach her numerous photographers around the world. Although when compare with other top camera manufactured, the device would be considered as a middle ground or level camera. My own suggestion would say that the camera is specifically melt for neophyte or beginning photographer. This camera features an 8.1 mega-pixel and 3.6x wide-angle zoom, which is quite adequate for beginners photographer that just want to snap images.

Taking a glance at the camera would make a photographer understand that the device is a standard dense camera. It may not appear at first to be like the Canon 80d lens fitted camera but it is no less either. The device is equipped with a dimension of 94.5 x 66 x 44 mm and has a weight of 160 g, which is quite standard to camera of its category. The camera has an internal memory of 58MB and it is powered by alkaline batteries. This device features both optical viewfinder and LCD monitor, which the later has a size of 2.4 inch and also a resolution of 115,000 pixels. The lens of the camera covers a range up to 5.0m (wide) and up to 2.0m (telescope).

On the rear of the device there is a thumb grid, which is quite comfortable and convenient to be hold by a photographer. Photographer with large hands would not find any quibble about this camera.

A photographer has access to three scene modes by the use of the mode dial features in the Nikon P50 digital camera.

In a variety of functionality states the device has a series of continuous shooting mode. A photographer is permit to use the main continuous mode shooting for 4 portraits at 1.0fps and it takes approximately 2.3 second to progress but a procurer could continue photography. The device is quite handy because it features an additional mode that in 9 second a photographer it permits to take 16 images.

The device has the capability or capacity to store 8MP images or portraits at 10.8 second approximately. A photographer should note that the speed of the card used in this camera does not determine the speed of the camera, because the device is relatively slow and quite handy for it price. As it is normally said that the value of a commodity determines the quality of the goods.

The battery use or supported are either Alkaline or NiMB rechargeable. Anyone of this battery used determines the amount of photography that would be performed. When using the Alkaline battery a photographer is expected to snapped up to 140 shots while using the NiMH with the capacity of 2000mAh a photographer is expected to snap up to 330 shots.

In the record mode the P50 digital camera permit a photographer to view different choices of images. A photographer could select to view the shooting information, which includes portrait size, quality of portrait; sensitivity settings, shots remaining, he or she could add the speed of the shutter and values of the aperture. The photographer is also permitted to view the recording mode and the focus area.

A photographer could access up to 11 alternatives in the shooting menu of the Nikon P50 digital camera. One should note that this options features in the camera covers a lot of pages in which scrolling of the page is not exempted.

A photographer from the dial setting on the top of the P50 digital camera can access the setup menu. The image snapped can view through the regulation of the White Balance.

This camera is handy although it is targeted at the neophyte photographer, who does want any serious manipulation in photography.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.