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Puppy Love- Take Care Of Your Mutt During Summer

There are many animal lovers in this world that are exceptionally fond of their pets and keep treat them almost like family members by showering love and affection in large quantities and pampering and spoiling them with gifts and treats.

Are you also one of them? If yes, then this article is something that you need to go through right up to the last word as it is about taking care of your beloved pup with the utmost care that can be given to it but for understanding purposes, we will take the dog as male and refer to it as ‘him in place of ‘it’.

Brief Description

Dogs are many people to many things but are the most reliable and trustworthy pets that you can ever find on the face of this earth, which is why you will find majority of the households having dogs as pets but that is not all.

There is an underlying fact that some house owners buy pets to use them as servants and it is true to a certain extent because some people cannot afford servants in their house so it is merely a consolation factor for them that they have dogs as an alternative.

It is not for nothing that dogs are called man’s best friend and surpass all other animals in this game as they are ferociously loyal to their masters and quite diligent in their services.

They do everything to please their masters to the best of their ability without expecting anything in return and the owners repay their services by treating them as their own children and this practice continues to this day.

Breed Type

Dogs are of varied color and breeds but almost all of them are vulnerable to ailments that occur due to change in climate and therefore, they are the first ones to be affected, which is quite astonishing to hear as they are known for their stoic nature and stronger immune system in comparison to humans.

There are breeds like Labrador, German shepherd, Pomeranian, pug, Pekinese, Chihuahua, etc. which can be classified as the most well known everywhere but their preference depends upon their usefulness among various people and are not necessarily taken in as pets.

The first two mentioned above are the smartest of the lot while others are quite in a league of their own with their own contributions in the lies of owners but what is important is that they all are beyond comparison.

Another popular theory about dogs is that their bark is worse than their bite, which is why you will find people that are corrupt by nature hesitant to breed dogs as they are quite honest by nature without being disloyal but if one’s moral corruption crosses limits, be ready to learn a lesson.

Summer Pups

The summer has arrived and how where the world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic so everyone is confined to their homes but that does not stop the merciless weather to cast their hot spell as April is about to end and May is right in front of us.

As mentioned above, this is the time that dogs are most vulnerable to ailments and it becomes the duty of the owners to look after them with utmost care. Therefore, we are going to discuss about some important points to do the same for your pup.


The important points are as follows:

  • Desert heat means special care for your dog so take care not to over exert the poor pup. Be sure to take him for a walk twice a day: early in the morning and after sunset to give him fresh air and make him healthy.
  • Whenever you take him outside, always take a flask of water along with you to keep his system hydrated where even alternatives like buttermilk will do an excellent job
  • During summers, dogs start panting due to the heat and the signs to indicate it are excessive drooling, wheezing, faster heart rate, breathlessness and profuse sweating. When this happens, take him to the nearest veterinary specialist as quickly as possible
  • It is better to carry a wet cloth or small towel to help him cool down after a nice walk to keep his body temperature normal
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