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PS4 VS X-Box, Which One Is Best?

PS4 the gaming product of Sony and it is eight generations of the video gaming system, which can be easily used at our home quickly and effectively. The success and market of PS4 are increasing gradually, and there are almost uncountable reasons why people are getting crazy about this device. And modded for PS4 by MegaMods to help their users to have even much better gaming experience because this aspect makes our overall gaming experience smooth and easy to access. And without any doubt, PS4 is the king of the gaming field of the world because of its exclusive games, which it has in its gaming system.

X-box: best for online gaming 

The premium product for gaming of Microsoft company and they are the only tuff competition of PS4, and in many areas and aspects, it almost beat its alternative. If the person is willing to play online gaming, then surely, without any doubt, X-box is your gaming partner because the user interference of this device is smooth. And makes sure that when it comes to online gaming, then without any doubt, they are clear cut winners of the market. And the streaming services of the X-box are almost unmatchable because of their development arm, which is available in Xbox studios, and this brand was introduced to the world in 2003 by Microsoft in America. Within a few weeks, the sale of this gaming system increased remarkably.

Healthy comparison between gaming beasts 


Both the gaming devices are sleek and easy to carry as well because of their sound portability level, and they can fit with any bag or T.V without any effort. Still, the newest ps4 is much lighter and has the extra edge from its competition because of its overall lightweight. Therefore the main reason why the device is bright as it is made from carbon and this is the primary reason why the method is light and design is also elegant than Xbox, which is also the main reason for an extra edge over their competition. Both of the gaming beasts come with 500GB storage, and with the help of external hard drive, the over room can be expanded securely without any effort.


If you are the gamer who loves to play on high graphics, then surely one must do proper research on the facts about both gaming systems. As both have 8GB RAM and GPU, which is active, and working ethics makes smooth for the gamer as it has the best hard drives in their overall system. In simple words, gaming looks better and stable on both of the devices, but PS4 has an extra edge in terms of resolution because of its flower display and the database of games. Like Shadow fight, batman in these games resolution plays a vital role and makes the user experience of gamers stay in better shape.

User interference 

When it comes to user interference, then surely X-box is the winner because, with the help of a recent update that was given to the system from Microsoft makes sure that the device has an extra edge from PS4. The user interference of both the device is smooth and simple, but X-box has a much better and sound overall system as with the help of updates, new features have been added to the gaming system, and one can also gift new games to their friends in a secure manner. Also, the navigation feature is available; this ensures the fact about security and helps us to stay in better shape while consuming the services of their gaming experience.

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