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Perfect Earrings: Tips To Choose And Different Types Of Earrings

Earrings are the accessories that every woman admires but never dare to try to incorporate with your outfit. The struggle that every woman faces in daily life is to choose the earrings that go best with their outfit. Selecting the perfect earrings every morning that accompany your outfit is the hardest part. Not every woman has the art of matching earrings as it requires little expertise. There is a fantastic number of designs and styles that are available in the market of earrings.

It might be confusing to choose the one that goes best with your outfit because of the fantastic variety. You need to look stylish and want your earrings to be eye-catching, and then you need to learn some tips that will help you to choose the perfect earrings that will go best with your outfit. You can also know about some of the different types of earrings straight from the source.

Consider the event

Where you are going is the question that will help you to decide what to choose and what not. There are some events that are formal, and some are casual, if you are going on a formal event, then your earrings should be classically elegant and understated. You can wear small hoop earrings if you want to look glamorous at your formal event. If you are going casually, then you must keep up the air of professionalism and must go with studs. Going out on a date or with friends, then be creative and wear cool jewelry.

Coordinate with outfit

Coordinating earrings with your outfit is an art. No matter what you are wearing, the earrings can either break or make your look and outfit. You need to examine your clothing and pick out the colors or patterns that are in your outfit. You can look like a Barbie doll if you match your earrings with your dress like if you are wearing a dress of blue, white, or green color, then get green earrings to highlight your outfit and shade. If you are wearing something solid, then try to pick a complementary color to harmonize with your outfit. A good combination of earrings and outfit is necessary to look attractive and astonishing.

Flatter your face

You can change your facial appearance by the styles of earrings. Girls or women that have longer faces can get a stretched outlook by wearing the dangling earrings, and these earrings will also look perfect for the women that have a round face. To shape your face in an ideal way, you must find the right style of earrings.

Keep it tasteful

Keep your earrings a little tasteful is better as you are wearing them to enhance your look. Girls who wear cheap-looking bright plastic earrings, clip-on, and overly-elaborate earrings will definitely look immature. You must do hard work and find the best pair, which is unique and funny and will look better on you. There are millions of earrings styles and designs available, and you need to be a little tricky while picking one for you.

Here in this article, let us know some of the different types of earrings which are:-

  1. Key types
  • Studs

Stud earrings are the most classic and stylish earrings as they come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Studs are mainly worn at the earlobe, and the fantastic thing is that they don’t dangle down. The studs are also described as floating on the earlobe. The pin of the stud sticks through the ear and is hidden by the outward-facing jewel and gives a fabulous look.

  • Hoops

Hoops are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Hoops have become popular in recent times, and earlier, they were in round shape, but with the popularity, they come in different shapes like ovals, triangles, and squares. These earrings have a small wire piece that penetrates the ear and connects the hoop at the backside of the ear, making a complete shape.

  • Barbell

These earrings are lightweight and are the most basic form of earrings. These are balls that are the shape of something used to appeal to different style preferences. These earrings are straight and rigid and can be worn at any two points on the ear.

  1. Back types
  • Push backs

These are the most common backing style commonly used for studs. Push backs are the small piece with a small hole that slides into the ear and is also known as butterfly backing because it is curved. These are easiest to wear as you can push on the piece, and the friction prevents it from sliding off.

  • Screw backs

The screw backs are the same as the push backs as they are the same in shape, but these are worn in a different style. Instead of pushing them, they screw on that makes these earrings more secure, and they have no or minimal chance to fall off.

  • Latch back

These earrings work with a hinge that opens and closes and are the most common type of hoop earrings and Huggies. You can simply open up the latch and slide it through your ear and close the latch.

  1. Common piercing types
  • The lobe piercing

The most tradition ear piercing is the earlobe and is considered as the simplest and less painful. You can wear any kind of earrings on your earlobe ranging from stud, hoops, dangles to most others. Some earlobe piercings are intricate, while some are small and round stoned.

  • Industrial piercing

The industrial piercing requires some skill, and the rook piercing is the high technical piercing that requires expertise. The industrial piercing is unusual, but it is the one that is prone to inflammation if not done under expertise.

Be a little tricky while choosing the perfect earrings for your outfit. Try matching matches and know about some of the tips on how to select the perfect earrings. You can also gain some knowledge about the different types of earrings that are trendy from the points mentioned above.

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