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Palm Island Information

Palm Island Information

There are several palm islands in the world, but only one sits just off the coast of Cape Haze, Florida. A hundred feet separate the Florida mainland from Palm Island. Yet, Palm Island remains mostly undisturbed by high-rise buildings and major roads.

Palm Island Information


The Palm Island ferry is the main form of transport to Palm Island, despite the short distance to the mainland.


The beach is clean and pristine with an abundance of intact seashells and sea birds. Wildlife enthusiasts may see sea turtles, terns, herons, gulls and pelicans. Occasionally, a dolphin or manatee comes close enough to view.

Island Transportation

The ferry transports cars to the island. However, the most visitors use a bike or golf cart.

Palm Island Information


The main resort, Palm Island Resort (see Resources), features one, two or three bedroom villas with views of the bay or Gulf. Privately owned residences are available for rent on Palm Island Resort property as well as outside the resort.


There is only one restaurant on the island and it’s located within Palm Island Resort. The restaurant, Rum Bay Bar, serves wines, mixed drinks and good food like baby back ribs overlooking the beach.

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