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Omron Digital Pedometer – Track Your Walk with Precision

A pedometer is a device that calculates and keeps track of the distance covered on foot by registering the number of steps taken by the person. In this day and age of fitness and exercise, it is one of the most commonly used devices by people wanting to keep track of the amount they have walked. It is often not enough for people to time the duration of exercise. It is perhaps more important to know the distance covered and the calories burned. For those who need to lose weight, the digital figures push a little more to help the person exercise a little longer and shed a few more calories. Many companies are manufacturing pedometers of different kinds and with varying facilities. One of the best pedometers available in the market today is the HJ 112 pedometer from Omron. The reason behind this is that it is one of the few that is good value for money since it has the advantage of being user friendly, reasonable in price and has features that suit everyone. It is pointless buying one of the multifunctional gizmos that might carry a number of functions, but getting the basic figures might a complicated task. Navigating through various options can frustrate any one. The HJ 112 is unlike such devices and a pleasure to use. You could also opt for mindinsole shoes which have been proved to be quite effective at providing acupressure therapy. 

The HJ 112 pedometer is based on dual sensor technology and is convenient to carry in the pocket, purse, hand-bag and still see it perform its function to perfection. Its functions include keeping track of the user’s steps, calorie intake, distance covered and the aerobic activity, if any. Irrespective of where it is, it always displays the most accurate results.

The pedometer has a very lucid display and the information is very easy to comprehend. The buttons on the gadget can be used while on the move, as they are reasonably big in size. Many like to keep their pedometer attached to their belts while they walk. For them,

The pedometer comes with a detachable belt holder complete with a sturdy strap.

The HJ 112 is meant to last long. It is charged with a replaceable lithium battery that works for 6 months, assuming that it is used for 10,000 steps every day.

The HJ112 has proved to be a very valuable gadget to have. It has been liked and appreciated by every user who has purchased it. The most satisfying part is the fact that the features offered more than justify the expense incurred in purchasing the device. The two nicest pocket models are the HJ 112 and the HJ 720ITC. But the additional software offered by the latter is meant for highly specialized functions, which, may not ever be used by a common user of pedometers.

This pedometer can be used for both walking and jogging. It is the ideal gift for a friend or family member to help them in their pursuit of burning calories and calculating their walking distance. In short, it is a device that can help people in staying healthy.

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