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Old Gringo Shoes Product Review

Right shoes or sandals give you a perfect look and attitude. Have you heard about Old Gringo? Old Gringo is a famous brand of women’s footwear. Let us discuss some top models of these shoes.

Razz Boot:

If you love wearing stylish stuff then this is for you. You can make your own style statement with these cowboy shoes. Talking about quality there is simply no compromise and you will find them long-lasting. It is simply fun to wear. These durable and stylish shoes come at a cost of around 375 to 380 USD. However, you can find out the price at various online outlets. In case, if there is a sale going on, you will get a good discount on them. But the price that you are paying is simply worth it. The leather used is very soft and is of supreme quality. The side zip enhances the fit and the look. These shoes undergo hand made production process. And this is the reason why they look fine and beautiful. There are attractive earthy colors that are available. The heels give you good comfort while you are walking.

Sam Remo:

These are casual boots that are made out of the best quality leather. These shoes are simply versatile and you can have fun wearing them. There are leather outsole and heel that make it look attractive. Even these shoes are hand made and have to go under 130 processes. The shoes are supreme in quality and durability. The shoes give you a good grip. The look is unmatchable. Perla and Paraguay are unique colors available. The cost of Perla comes to around 600 USD and that of Paraguay comes to around 500 USD. Old Gringo makes the leather that is used in the footwear. This makes the shoes even better in quality.


These hand made creation has unique looks that make it look outstanding. Beauty is definitely going to tempt you to buy them. These boots are awesome and come at a nominal price of 350 to 370 USD. The soft leather is used in the upper part and the detailed embroidery makes the shoes look richer. Pavito has the best quality leather and gives you the utmost comfort and grip while you are wearing them. The customers have given a superb rating to these shoes.


These shoes have a western look. The boots have a cowboy look. You can get it in the combination of white and red. The leather outsole and the leather lining add to the durability and quality. The boots are made out of pure leather and are hand made. The leather used in making the boots is from the Old Gringo itself. The price of these boots is approximately 340 USD. But it is truly worth the price.


If you are looking for a really affordable pair of boots then you can try out Reno. Reno is a very popular model of Old Gringo. The cost is around 280 USD. The use of goat leather makes these boots quite durable. If you love making your own style statement then these shoes are apt for your personality. This embroidered unique piece is handmade and with all the processes the outcome is the best quality boots for the end-user.

These are the best quality shoes that are available in the market. With Mindinsole you get detailed reviews, pros, and cons of some of the best and trendy shoes that are there in the market. This is how you can easily choose the best model for you. 

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