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Music And Fitness Connection: The Power Of Healing And Relaxation

In recent studies, music is claimed to be an effective element in dissolving tensions for people who are having a tough day. Music is also effective in dissolving emotional problems, depression, anxiety and even a mild migraine. According to studies, fitness and music always show a common and strong bond in the way that they both have the ability to block out or redirect stress hormones, ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, sooth and energize our bodies. When there is a merger between music and fitness, a firmer bond will be formed. This is the reason why music is now being used in some therapies designed to improve focus, distress and to relax both our mind and body. The healing power of music is also considered to be a component of the medicinal arsenal that provides support to people in order to return their fitness. And since music relaxes us physically and mentally, this element allows us to release endorphins, which are also known as good hormones. These endorphins also make a way to manage pain and allow us to return sooner to our fitness activities even after an injury or illness.  

As you can notice, in some physical activities like aerobic, music is utilized and always associated. This is because aside from the beat and rhythm it produces, it also eases and aids people to boost their energy and to perform well. Additionally, music soothes the stress of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Most of those patients have some mental problems like anxiety and depression. Hence, medical experts and professionals would also recommend listening to music when anxiety and other mental problems strike. There is one study conducted by Barrie Cassileth, PhD, that proved that out of 69 adults, those who received music therapy reported 37 % less total mood disturbance and 28 % less anxiety than the other patients.  



Moreover, the combination of music and fitness is also used with autistic children. This combination has shown positive behavioral changes for the children. However, for this to effectively work, the preferred music of patient must be determined first. There is no general style of music more beneficial than the other. This all depends on the preference of the patient. There are several testimonials that show that parents with autistic children were able to calm down their sons or daughters with the help of music.  

We all know that physical activities like exercises can strengthen our heart and lungs. But according to recent studies, music, just like exercise also builds you the brain. A lot medical experts claim and discuss that when a workout is associated music, it can generate a psycho-physiological effect wherein the patient will be more highly motivated to exert is or herself more easily. As a result, higher performance will be recorded and the physical benefits will be gained in the long run.  



Music is also ideal when travelling. Studies also claim that travelling becomes more relaxing with music. So whether you are in a road trip, or just relaxing by the beach, playing the best travel songs in 2020 is definitely a good idea. 

Overall, with the power of music and fitness, our illness can be provided with the right treatment and we can have a more relaxing environment.  

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.