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Making a Date a Successful One

Going out on dates can be fun no matter what your age. Even a first date can be exciting and fun. But there are things that you can do to make the night a disaster. Whether it is your first date or you having been dating the person for a while try to avoid dating disasters by refraining from certain behaviors and activities.

For starters you need to be ready when your date arrives. If your date is picking you up ladies then be ready when he gets there. Contrary to poplar belief, keeping your date waiting while you get ready if rude. Being out of the room and allowing someone else to open the door is acceptable though.

Gentlemen do not show up at a ladies door empty handed. The old fashioned classics still work great for making a good impression and starting a date off right. So show up at the door with flowers or a box of candy. If you know she is on a diet then don’t show up with candy though.

Gentlemen open the doors for the lady. This still shows a great deal of respect. Ladies let the man open the doors for you when you are on a date. If you are just hanging out it is fine to open your own doors but on an actual date allow him to play the role of the gentleman.

It is not necessary that gentlemen should do everything alone but the ladies have to contribute equally as well as dating is about a meeting between two different individuals where there should be mutual understanding from both sides and each must learn to adjust as per the others’ likes and preferences, even if they do not match yours.

Ladies and Gentlemen turn your cell phones off. If you cannot turn them off then at least only answer for numbers that you know will be an emergency call. It is rude to be on a date and talk on your cell phone with someone else. While on the date you need to be giving your date all of your attention. So many first dates never making to the second date because of this. Talking on your phone during the date is a dating disaster.

If you have children at home that you need to check on then two calls home tops. Make your first phone call during your date in between activities. Example if you are doing dinner and a movie then call home after dinner on the way to the theater. Not during dinner and not during the movie. The second phone call home should only be done if you are going to be out later than you told the babysitter. Make the call brief and just inform the babysitter that you are going to be late.

Also if you have kids don’t spend you entire date talking about the kids. Part of dating is to be an adult who is an individual away from the kids. By spending your entire date talking about the kids, you are not doing this. Find other things to talk about that can help you get closer to the person you are dating.

Also I cannot stress this one enough, do not talk about your problems on a date. This includes health problems, money problems, problems with your kids or any other types of problems you may have. This is not the time to discuss these types of things. If it is a first date you can guarantee you will not be seeing a second date.

Do not talk about your ex. When on a date the other person does not want to hear about your ex. Any type of an ex is off limits during a date. By talking about your ex you are telling the other person that you are hung up on your ex still. No one wants to waste their time dating a person who is not over their ex yet.

When ending the night let the other person know that you had a good time, if you truly did have a good time. Let them know that you want to see them again. But don’t lead them on. If you are not interested in seeing them again then don’t tell them you are. If you tell them you will call them, then make sure that you do exactly that. Be honest at the end of the date as to how you feel.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.