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League of legends versus DOTA 2- How lol is better, and why?

League of legends and the DOTA 2 are both the best and popular games that can be played on the PC. These both games are designed in a way in which you have to create an ally and fight the enemies. There are lots of things that make lol better than DOTA 2 like rank pushing. In DOTA 2 you have to play the game by on your own to push up the ranks, but it is not the same in a league of legends. You can hire cheap elo boosting service for your rank push in lol. Competition is always going on between these two games, but we are going to clear the vision regarding the games further in the article.

How is the league of legends better than DOTA 2?

Numerous things are better in lol as compared to DOTA 2. You just need to have a clear mind in vision in order to understand those things-

  1. Easy to play and understand- Lol is so easy to understand as compared to other games. There is nothing to be complicated as you can get to learn the game easily. The gameplay of both games are most likely to be similar in playing.
  2. Clear path- You just need to create an ally, select the champion, and play the game. It is as simple as that. In DOTA 2 it is not as straightforward as a league of legends. This is also one thing that makes the game most played and popular among the gamers.
  3. Better changes in the game- Skins of different champions are the most attractive thing due to which people prefer to play lol. You can get your heroes or te champions customized easily by having different skins. 

Thus, in this way, you can find out how the league of legends is far better than DOTA 2.

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