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I Ching Tarot Card Reading for April 11th, 2020

Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and sometime secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning. There is a special meaning for everything with tarot card reading. You can learn about that as you visit Mindfulnessandjustice. There you get details about all the tarot card along with their meanings.

Birthday – 11 – People seem to reveal them-selves to you. Very idealistic and you can get hurt easily.

And – 2 – You are sensitive, intuitive, and very diplomatic.

Lucky number – 2 – The day starts bad and ends good or vice-versa.

Special letters

Harmonic – C – Will charge the throat and clears the fogy’s.

If your name starts with – Z

Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – You have a sharp mind and you can respond quickly when necessary. You show some ability as mediator, if you don’t get stubborn.

If your name ends with – Z

Capstone (ability and attitude) – You look at the bright side of everything, you have high expectations, and a lot of common sense.

If the first vowel in your name – O

Window (the deeper self) – You have a strong willpower, with high moral standards.

You hold true to your religious convictions.

Double letters in your name – I, R

Excessive (problems) – You feel misunderstood, and you are always a victim of gossip, you can be jealous and possessive.

The I Ching Cards – made by AGMULLER in 1971 – Hexagrams are considered an interpretation of every human situation at any given moment during an individual’s life. The I Ching is thought to be very powerful and an ancient method, The I Ching uses three coins, and then interprets the 64 possible combinations. This is a deck of cards, so there is no need to but the hexagrams together, which can be confusing sometimes. The kit comes with 64 tarot cards with the hexagrams details, 11 guide cards with background and Coin throwing methods and the attributes of Trigrams, and several blank note cards. The kit also includes three I Ching coins so you may learn the true method of reading I Ching. The standard circle readings have been applied here and as always; have a great and informed day.

Past – 5/HSU/Waiting – Waiting without expectations or fear, whatever you are facing, it is out of your hands. The outcome relies totally on the actions of others. Do not give in to peer- pressure. If you are being guarded and watchful, then the problem has overtaken you. Do not react to taunts, just wait. Be content with yourself and your life, and be free of the stress and the worry.

Present – 45/TS UI/Gathering Together – You are living and staying within a close knit group of family and friends. Take at look at the roles everyone plays, be honest. Do you know where you fit in, what is your role? Do you bring harmony or discord? If you want to be the central force in your social group then you must be positive and create harmony.

Future – 26/TA CHU/ The Great Taming Force You can be a strong influence, in the lives of others, with real control and authority. Honest dealing, good work ethics, fairness, and equality for all. That is where power abides. Never let your dealings with other become habits. Change your activities with each new circumstance. Reach for the heights and you will achieve it.

Personal – 43/KUAI/Removing Corruption – Opposing forces are threatening your principles. You may be able to divert the energy for a while, but you must exert your own influence on your adversaries. Do not waver in your actions or your principles. It is time to speak-up, using the avenues open to you, talk to your friends and plan the next move. If you resort to underhanded means then you have already lost. Be diligent and consistent.

Family – 4/MENG/Youthful Inexperience – What ever you mistakes have been, all has been forgiven and classified as youthful blunders. You can be lucky in all your adventures and investments. Your true worth is displayed to others as foolishness, only to be regretted by them latter on. You might tend to treat all people as individuals, and care little for proper conventions.

Friends – 47/KUN/Oppression – Your thoughts and actions are being wasted or dissipated by the actions of others. Sometimes you must question the system to improve the system. Reevaluate the people who hold sway over you. What do you have cluttering up your space that is not needed, maybe time for a garage sale. Time to get off the busy road of life and take stock, something is slowing you down and holding you back.

Business – 48/CHING/A Well – It is time to use your knowledge of human behavior, figure out what they really want or need. Trust your judgments based on past experience. Avoid dangerous mistakes by following your intuition on the real root of the problem. Do not get caught up in the relationships at the office; do not let your decision be based on your relationship with others. It is not because you are wrong, it is just wrong for you at the present time, plain and simple.


David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.