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How to Create a Prospective Script – MLM

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Early on in MLM business I learned the importance of using a prospecting script. My first experience in MLM business was marketing a health and wellness product to people looking for natural solutions to ill health. My business mentor told me that sooner or later I was going to get confident and cocky, and not use the prospecting script he had given me when I would call to set appointments.

About 3 months later, I was having astounding success. On the phone I began to wing-it, and do it my way. For the next 2 months my MLM business sales went down, down, down. My business mentor got me back on the prospecting script, and my MLM business sales went skyrocketing back up again.

The bottom line is I needed a prospecting script, and even if you don’t think you do, 95% or more of people need some sort of script to follow or guidance in writing when speaking to prospects. Don’t let your pride keep you from success.

How To Create A Prospecting Script

There are five components to every marketing transaction. These 5 components have to be covered in every prospecting script because by covering these 5 things you can create the impulse to buy and justify the decision enough that the prospect will want to take action. Here’s how it should look;

Introduction – introduce yourself to your prospect. People are very impatient and want to know why they should listen to you and they want to know NOW. You also need to empathize with your prospect. They have to know you were looking for the same solution as them.        Offer – offer them something. Your prospect will want to know some background on how, where and why the product came to be, specifically what is it for and what does it do. But do not tell the price here. Value – your offer has to have value to the prospect. This is the part that allows you to justify your price. But it is important to justify it first, before you state the price. This is so your prospect can imagine the value of the product in their own mind.        Benefit – there has to be a benefit to the prospect. This is where you help them to logically justify their purchase. You can use guarantees, personal assistance offers or ease of use or consumption. It is also important here to remind them of what it will feel like when they have found the solution they were looking for. Close – this is where you get your prospect to take action. Most people think this is where the customer pays for the item. Not true. In a people business the close is simply getting the person to take action, to take the next step, which in MLM business is going to a presentation call, appointment or meeting.

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