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How To Clean/Manage Your Pc For Free

Cleaning/Managing a PC that is stricken with viruses and spy ware can be a daunting (and expensive) task, unless you know what programs to use, and where to download them, and keeping them running smooth and quickly is an even bigger issue for most casual PC users. I’m here to show you some ways to save some cash, and keep your computer in tip-top shape!

  1. CCleaner

CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner) is one of the best free programs out there for simplistic and quick cleaning of files that are unused, pointing to a non-existing file anymore, web browsing history, and even simple registry cleaning that will not harm your computer. It’s a simple download, it only bothers you from time-to-time with an update, and using this program once a week will keep your computer running smoothly, and organized.

  1. SpyBot

SpyBot Search  amp; Destroy has been out for quite some time, and is one of the most respected spyware/ad-ware programs out there. It literally follows it’s name by searching  amp; destroying files that are potentially harmful to your PC. Like the previous program, it will only bother you from time-to-time with updates, and is otherwise a safe alternative to keeping your computer spyware free, without the cost.

  1. FCleaner

FCleaner is another alternative to CCleaner, if for some (rare and odd) reason CCleaner didn’t work on your computer, or you didn’t like it, this is the next step. FCleaner is a freeware program that can do almost exactly the same thing as CCleaner. You can optimizer registry, clean out cookies, browser history, and unused files, and you can even, easily, change the start up programs and use the built in uninstaller. It’s worth the download if you can’t use CCleaner.

  1. Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware is a freeware program just like SpyBot, where you can clean out the spyware  amp; ad-ware to keep your computer running at optimal speed. Using Ad-Aware in conjunction with SpyBot is my advice, as one or the other can pick up corrupt files that the other program has missed. There is also a pay verion of Ad-Aware, but that goes against the article, and isn’t really necessary, especially if you are using SpyBot, also.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus is a free anti-virus that you can download and use to keep any aggressive and destructive viruses and files off of your computer. AVG updates regularly, and will annoy you to keep it updated (which in the long run is a good thing, as that ONE update could be what saves your computer from harm.) It is also fairly easy to use, and easy on the operating system. This program will not bunch up your PC and slow it down like some of the more well known paid for programs.

  1. DeFraggler

DeFraggler is quick, and easy to use defragging alternative to the regular Windows built in defrag. The program, in my experience, tends to defrag MUCH more quickly, while also clearing up more space, and increasing the speed of your computer. Keep in mind that NO defragging tool will go quickly is a hard drive is intensley fragged. Using this program once a week can usually keep your computer going at top speed.

  1. FreeRAM XP Pro

FreeRAM XP Pro is a free program that can clear up used RAM in no time. Use this program to free up some RAM and make your web browsers load up more quickly, or your online gaming performing more smoothly. All you do is open the program up, click the “Go!” button, and you’re off!

  1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a safe,quick, and (of course) free alternative to Internet Explorer. The web browser is simple to use and fast to download and install. Searching is easier on it, as google is conveniently placed at the top right corner of the browser for faster queries. Web Pages also tend to load faster on Firefox, along with less crashing and timeouts.

  1. Program Uninstallation

One of the last free steps to try is a simple uninstall of useless programs. These programs wear and tear on your computer, much like the weather conditions do to automobiles. Keeping your computer tidy by deleting all of those useless icons on your desktop, those unused games, programs, and space-wasters in the “Add/Remove Programs” area of Windows, will help to speed up your computer. This can also get rid of some sneaky types of spy ware that will install themselves on a PC without the users knowledge. Do remember, after running an uninstallation of files, to run one of the above registry cleaning tools, and defragmentation programs, to organize all of the Windows files in your computer.

And if it comes down to it, there is always…

  1. Clean Hard Drive Format.

In the end, if your computer is just cumbersome, with spy ware and viruses galore, then you can pull out the old Windows Installation Disk and format your computer. Now, I recommend a format only be done by those who are familiar with wiping a computers hard drive. So if you don’t understand, then get a friend to help. Whatever you do, don’t take it to a shop, because then it wouldn’t be FREE(Much like the article suggests!) It’s always best to have a backup of ANY important files that you want to keep, and if you use one of the e-mail programs, such as Outlook, it is always best to have a back up of those files also. A clean hard drive is a happy hard drive.

In the end, there are just some things that you cannot protect against. Viruses can cause you to lose files, pictures, videos, memories, contacts, and more. They call some viruses Trojans for a reason. Remember The Trojan Horse? Exactly. Greeks are hiding inside to destroy your proverbial “Computer of Troy”. So whenever possible keep CD’s or an external hard drive dedicated to the back up and safety of your personal files. Used in conjunction with one another, or just picking whichever suits you best, these programs can help to keep your computer in excellent condition without the headache, and the empty wallet, of taking it to a repair shop.

Cleaning of a PC is a hard boiled task which has to be done at regular intervals but internal cleaning is more important so as to keep viruses at bay which are a complete nuisance and for detailed analysis you can read it by clicking on this link

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.