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How More Fiber Made Everything in My Life Easier

I decided to add more fiber to my diet when my mother told me it would make me feel better. My mother has always been involved in the nutrition industry, formulating nutrition products, and always researching the latest nutrition news. I was having trouble sleeping, and I was tired all the time. Sometimes I felt like the food was not digesting properly, which led to fears of being required to visit a body sculpting center in summit, new jersey to get rid of my fat. Once in awhile, I would even get heartburn.

Don’t start too fast

The first time I tried introducing fiber in my diet, I started too fast. I started taking fiber pills to make up for any fiber I wasn’t already getting in my diet. I was too impatient, and just wanted to feel better. That was not a good idea. It was too much all at once, and I ended up feeling bloated, with an upset stomach. It was not the end of the world, but it was very uncomfortable. I also could not leave the house, because I didn’t know when I would have to use the bathroom.

Introducing fiber the right way

Eventually, I tried again. This time, I did it the right way by eating the right food. By introducing the fiber more slowly by adding food containing fiber into my diet, my body acclimated slowly.

I tried switching from white rice, bread, and pasta, to brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat pasta. I switched slowly, sometimes combining white with brown or whole wheat. Later, I started adding sides of chili or plain beans that contain a lot of fiber, such as white bean chili or plain black beans.

When I switched my diet slowly in this fashion, I barely noticed the difference until I was eating enough fiber. I now eat most of my fiber as food, but I still take fiber pills whenever I eat a meal that does not contain enough fiber.

Fiber made my body feel better

I feel better, in general, now that I have fiber in my diet. I no longer feel as if I’ve eaten too much when I haven’t. In fact, it has helped me to eat better sized meals. It has become easier not to overeat, because the fiber fills you up. My stomach feels more comfortable, and I rarely get heartburn.

Fiber made it easier to exercise

When I felt uncomfortable because my food was not digesting quickly, I had a much more difficult time getting into my exercise routine. When the food moves through your body and gets digested and processed more quickly, it gives you much more energy. Eliminating the discomfort also helps to make you feel well enough to exercise.

Fiber helped me sleep better

Before I started adding more fiber to my diet, I would sometimes get horrible heartburn. The worst thing about the heartburn was that it would usually hit after dinner, when it was time to sleep. Even when I didn’t have heartburn, I could still feel the food in my stomach, which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. The discomfort was much worse when I was lying down, trying to sleep. The only way I could make it go away was to sit up slightly on a stack of pillows, but sitting up is not at all conducive to a good night sleep.

After adding fiber to my diet, sleep came much more easily. I no longer woke up in the middle of the night with heartburn. I felt more energized in the morning. It was like a domino effect. The fiber helped normalize my body in one way, but that helped normalize my body in other ways, and those in still more ways. It turns out that low fiber was the cause of many of my problems.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.