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Green Home Improvement Projects: Water Aerator Reduces Water Usage Up to 50%

Many home improvement stores sell products that they term something along the lines of eco option, green solutions, or environmentally conscious choices. These products have a singular goal in mind, they are designed to conserve either electricity, water, or other natural resources. Many of these products cost slightly more than their non eco friendly counterparts, but the money they can save you over time really does start to stack up.

As part of an ongoing series of “green” home improvement projects, these articles have presented ways that you can improve your home while also helping the environment and saving money in the long term. There are countless home improvement projects that fit into the “green” category. From replacing a toiler, to installing a low flow shower head, to buying a new washing machine, there is a home improvement project with environmentally friendly thinking attached to it that will fit into any budget.

This particular article will focus on an extremely budget friendly home improvement project that will save you water and money or your water bill. This upgrade could not be simpler.

If you have an older home that is still outfitted with old style faucets throughout, chances are these faucets are wasting water. How can an old faucet waste water? The answer lies in the little piece on the end of modern faucets called an aerator. The aerators job is to mix incoming water with air to provide a stream that feels forceful and full while actually consisting of mostly air. The air added into the stream gives users the sensation of having a strong stream of water, when in actuality they have a strong stream of air.

If you have an older faucet that lacks a screw on aerator, you can add one to it or replace the faucet with a model containing an aerator. Some old faucets have threads on the end tat will allow you to add an aerator to your existing faucet. Other faucets do not have threads and will instead require replacement.

An aerator can cut your use of water on each faucet by up to 50%. Cutting water use in half is a significant savings and you give up very little in terms of force of water exiting the faucet.

Though it may cost a little up front to replace your faucets, you will save a significant amount of water with a faucet that utilizes an aerator. The water save translate into a great reduction in your water bill and a lessened demand for water which greatly helps the environment.

Most “green” home improvement projects are always a win win type of project. You improve your home, save money over time, and help out the environment. “Green” is a great choice with and project that pops up around the house.

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David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.