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Goth-Style Prom Dresses, Hairstyles and Accessories

Buying prom dresses and accessories can be one of the best opportunities to express who you truly are, but sometimes certain styles aren’t so easy to come by. This is a step-by-step guide to finding everything you need to put together the perfect Goth style from the dress to the shoes.

The Dress

It seems like the phrase “prom dress” is synonymous with pink ball gowns doused in glitter, sequins, and crystals. And while, the quantity of these types of dresses is hard to escape, there are alternate styles out there; they’re just a little harder to find.

Fairy Goth Mother is the perfect website for finding a gorgeous Goth gown. This site includes everything from corsets to couture, and even a few accessories. While this site is quite a find, it is European to shipping on top of the currency exchange could make your purchase a little hefty but it’s prom- go ahead and splurge!

While Fairy Goth Mother is solely geared towards making awesome gothic prom dresses, there are some prom dress sites that actually have gothic sections such as, this store has some dresses that incorporate plaid and corsets and some with corsets and lace. The price range for these gowns usually lingers around $300.

EBay is also a great place to look for gothic prom dresses, the prices are great and the finds are often rare (so chances of someone else finding the same dress aren’t very high). Although sifting through many unattractive dresses to find one gem can be tiring, in the end, the rewarding experience of finding the perfect dress can be so exciting (an easy on your prom budget). Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find a gorgeous dress on your first search, try many different phrases and check back daily and you’ll probably be surprised about how quickly a deal finds you!

These European prom sites must really know what they’re doing because Dare Gothic Clothing is another prom dress boutique that specializes in gothic clothing. The prices aren’t as steep as Fairy Goth Mother’s but the selection is not nearly as large.

If you chose to order your gothic prom gown from a European source, remember the number sizes are different. So an 8 in Europe is more like a 2 here, with that said, usually these sites have the sizes, small, medium and large, labelled alongside the numbered sizes.

The Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit, but luckily there are tons of websites offering many different styles that will compliment and complete your Goth prom style, offers an array of styles from mary janes to pumps and even combination of the two. They provide platform shoes, wedge shoes, pumps, and stilettos for an average of about $50 bucks a pop (not to bad for some awesome prom shoes)! You can check out Mindinsole, for some of the best shoes and soles that are available. You get customer reviews and ratings as well. This way you can choose the best prom dress for yourself.

Prom is a wonderful time to express the true you, but you don’t have to locate specialty boutiques to get the look you’re trying to find! Try finding dresses in deep purples and reds with accents of dark lace. You can even try to make your own accessories out of elastic, lace, fabric and beads. Custom accessories are perfect for making your gothic prom look come together because the pieces are tailor made not only to match your dress, but also your personal style!

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.