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Fixing Your Hair like Hannah Montana Today

The hair is certainly the crowning glory of a person, that is why you want to make your hair look fabulous. There are mens hairstyles for long hair, curly or short hair, while ladies have a variety of options depending on their preference. And one of the most popular ladies’ hair stylestoday is from Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana hairstyles can vary quite a bit, depending on whether she is on stage or at home of course! You can create your own Hannah Montana hairstyles and fix your own hair to look as glamorous as hers.

Here are tips and ideas for creating Hannah Montana hairstyles and fixing your hair to look like her.

Hannah Montana Hair Styles #1: The Flat Iron

One of the quickest ways to fix your hair like Hannah Montana in concert is to use a flat iron. Long straight hair is one of the signature looks of this popular teen idol. She has so many hair styles, but long flat straight hair is one of her most popular looks.

You may need to have an adult, like your Mom, help you flat iron your hair to get it perfectly straight. If you have bags you will want to flat iron those as well.

If you have curly hair and want to straighten your hair to look like Hannah Montana for a day as well try using a product like Paul Mitchell’s Skinny Serum on your hair while wet. This will help keep it shiny and glossy while you are flat ironing it and blow drying it. You will also want to brush your hair straight as you dry it.

Hannah Montana Hair Styles #2: The Curling Iron

Another one of Hannah Montana’s popular hair styles is the long tendril curl look. This is straight hair that has been curled on a curling iron in a vertical manner.

Take your hang in long pieces and gently wrap it around your curling iron. Hold this for a few second, but do not burn your hair. Gently pull the curly iron down to remove. This will help you to not disturb the long curls you made.

Repeat this throughout the rest of the back of your hair. If you have bangs you want to gently brush them so that they are not bone straight. These do not need to have the curling iron applied to them.

Tip: Do not brush your long tendril curls. If you think they look too perfect, then gently take your fingers and lightly “brash” them with your finger tips. This will loosen the curls and make them look more flowing and natural.

Hannah Montana Hair Styles #3: The High Lights

Finally, if you are really serious about styling your hair to look like Hannah Montana and have your parents’ permission, then high lights are the way to go. These should be applied at a salon for the best results. Take your favorite photo of Hannah Montana and let your hair dresser do the rest.

Tip: If you want more of the funky look you can use the pin in or barrette in hair pieces found at the local drug store or beauty supply store. These are a fun way to get funky highlights whenever you are in the mood!

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