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Five Amazing Tips For Finding An Online Social Media Job

Are you looking for a quick job that can bring in instant cash? Or maybe you’re looking for something more reliable: think social media! If you’re in college and need extra money, social media jobs are the way to go. You can telecommute, work from home, and use your own computer to work. What better job is there?

The truth about social media is that there are many social media jobs all over the country, it’s just being able to find them, right?! If you’re just beginning your search, here are 5 Tips to Finding an Online Social Media Job! Don’t be afraid to ask questions as I’ve been in this business over 10 years. If you do leave a question as a comment, give me at least five days to respond.

Job Search for Part Time and Full Time Jobs

Online Social Media Job Tip #1

Social Media Websites

If you know of a website that you really love, began searching on the site for jobs available. Many times they will post the jobs available right on the website. You can upload the resume in the stories and buy views on them. The fast instagram views will provide new job opportunities to you. If there will be fast reviews, then there will be more jobs available with you.

in the Just keep your eye out and you could land the job of your dreams!

Craigslist – Craigslist has gotten a bad rap on jobs. Here’s the breakdown: watch for scams but be aware that many businesses are legit. Apply to any job that you think could be legitimate. Once they send you an email, you will know if they are legitimate or a scam. Just remember to never pay for money for a job. If it’s legit, they are asking you for a service. Also, these jobs are usually independent contractor jobs so you will have to pay your own taxes at the end of the year.

Indeed- Indeed is a fabulous job search site that provides social media jobs as well as any other job type. The reason I like Indeed.com is that you can find a wide variety of social media jobs. Make sure your resume is polished before you begin sending out resumes and good luck!

Social Media Jobs – This is one of the best websites to find legitimate social media jobs. These are high end jobs that come with experience so be prepared to fight for the best jobs!

Online Social Media Job Tip #1


If you’re looking for a flexible job, you’ve want to telecommute. No matter what type of job you are looking for, being able to telecommute will allow you to work from home. More and more businesses are allowing their employees to telecommute. Before you apply to the job, make sure they offer telecommuting. This can make a job amazing!

Online Social Media Job Tip #3


This is by far one of my best secrets. Whenever you are searching for a job, type it into Google and click Search. I know. It’s that simple. Instead of going to each job site to search for jobs, simply go to Google. Many times you could go from job search site to job search site and this can get frustrating. No more! Simply type whatever you are looking for, here are a few samples:

• Craigslist telecommute writing

• Part time telecommute social media

• Social media jobs

• Part time social media

• Virtual assistant craigslist

• Online Classifier part time telecommute

• Online writing jobs

• Telecommute blogger jobs

• Write for cash jobs

• Full time social media

• Online editor telecommute

• Write for cash telecommute

Online Social Media Job Tip #4

The Resume is Everything.

I’ve re-written my resume over the years. The key is making it as fabulous as possible. The only exception to the resume is when I am sending out resumes through Craigslist. For Craigslist only, I tend to make my resume look more like a one page ad. I want them to open my email and be wowed from the second they start reading. If they want the resume attached, I will add it but I still want their eyes to be glued to the screen.

Find a Free Newsletter website that will publish your newsletter to their site (There are many of these!). Now, copy the ad straight to your email. This should look professional. If you have a picture copy and paste the picture straight into the email as well.

The reason for going all out with the cover letter is that first impressions matter. I have gotten many jobs because of the fact that I did this. Many of my clients have said that because I went all out on the cover letter that was the reason they hired me.

Get Creative. Be Professional. And get hired!

Online Social Media Job Tip #5

Be Persistent.

Every time I’ve started looking for a social media job, I never give up. It can take a day to a few weeks, possibly longer. The key is never giving up. The more persistent you are, the higher you chances are for getting a job. At one time, I was trying to get a job for this start up website. I saw their ads all over Craigslist for several weeks. Because of this, I applied for each job, in each city needed. Each time I got a NO in response.

I didn’t give up. I was professional and courteous. I even added a little humor as I was applying over and over. The moral of this story is I got hired. Not only did I get hired, but I made a lot of money over the two and half years I worked for this company. Persistence will pay off. Will you get every job you are persistent with? Probably not, but the rewards of getting that one job are worth it.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.