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Exploring The Ideas Regarding Flawless Face In Five Minutes

A flawless face in five minutes? You are probably thinking that this is going to be one of those Botox or Quick Lipo articles…wrong. It is possible to achieve a fresh, flawless, natural look in just five minutes! Here’s how to create a great day look in less than the time it takes to blow-dry your hair:

1) Start out with a clean palette to work with. This means make sure you have exfoliated, cleansed, and moisturized your face. This ensures that you don’t have oil or residue left on your face.

2) Apply Smashbox Photo Finish Light foundation primer. A primer basically preps your skin for foundation and gives the foundation a smooth canvas to stick to. This primer is one of Sephora’s “Best of…” products. It gives you a natural, dewey look like the fresh-faced models on the runways.

3) Have dark circles or bags under your eyes? Got a few blemishes you’d like to cover up? To hide these common flaws, apply Benefit’s industrial strength concealer with a small concealer brush. Make sure you select a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.

4) With a large foundation brush (which looks similar to a paint brush with flat bristles), continue your day look by applying Benefit’s foundation stick in your skin’s shade. This foundation provides amazing coverage without leaving your face looking cakey. The sticks also come in many shades so a custom color is possible.

5) Next, use a blush brush to apply Cargo’s “Sunset Beach” bronzer. Apply in a sweeping motion from your temples down to the middle of your cheeks. Then, sweep the bronzer along your t-zone and lightly on your chin. This will give you a great bronzed look that will fool many into thinking you just went tanning or on vacation to the Saint. Tropez. With the cheeks, Botox treatments can help improve the appearance of the nose without needing to go under the knife. The charges of the treatment will be under the budget of the person.

6) For a little added flush to your cheeks, sweep Nars’s blush in “Orgasm” lightly on your cheek bones. This blush is also a Sephora “Best of…” award winner. The shade, named for the natural color one gets in their cheeks after…well, you know…complements any skin tone. It’s the perfect amount of color without that clown look.

7) Almost done! Line your eyes with a brown khol liner like Benefit’s “Sable” khol pencil. For daytime, soft brown liner is much more natural than harsh black. Save the black khol liner or liquid liner for a nighttime look.

8) Lastly, grab Cover Girl’s Lash Blast mascara in dark brown (once again, save the black for your “going out” look). This mascara just came out on the market and has become very popular. It’s recommended in many beauty and fashion magazines; I recently saw it in both Allure and Lucky. Only two swipes of the macara on each lashline and you’ve got your flawless face! Did that take long? Nope. That’s proof that you can look beautiful and flawless without trying too hard or slaving away in front of the mirror.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.