Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Eureka’s Boss 4870 Brings High Value Features at a Price You’ll Value

Eureka’s Boss 4870 is their medium weight vacuum that comes with plenty of power and at a price you won’t mind. This SmartVac competes very well with other more costly units. It comes with a nice and wide path of cleaning at 15 inches and has 12 amps of strength. These two features work together nicely to make sure you can get your carpet clean with fewer strokes and in shorter time without having to worry about leaving anything behind. What’s the best car vacuum cleaner?  The answer will be provided through the experts with the best motor power. The prices should be less in comparison to the other products.


The Boss 4870 stands out in another way, by means of its relative silence. It has performed very well in noise tests and has even been claimed to be the quietest vac ever made by some. Another feature of the Eureka 4870gz vacuum that adds to overall convenience is that the control to switch to attachment mode is at the top; so if you need to stop to clean a unique area such as a crevice or piece of furniture, this will minimize the time it takes and how much bending down you’ll have to do. One benefit that many owners mention is how great the Boss 4870 is at picking up pet hair. That’s something I’m sure most of us can appreciate.

Eureka’s 4870gz vacuum comes with all the things you would expect in a SmartVac; plenty of attachments to meet the requirements of multiple situations, and they’re included on-board for the sake of time. It also has a few features that you wouldn’t be able to find on other vacuums of a similar caliber. The Boss 4870 includes a super-efficient HEPA filter. This way you’ll feel nice and safe knowing the air you’re breathing in your home or work place is clean and less likely to incite sneezing or allergies. Eureka’s SmartVac also comes with the option to turn off the brush so that you won’t have any worries when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Vacuuming with the Boss 4870 is nice because of it’s self-propelled system. Otherwise the 20 pounds might seem a little cumbersome, but it won’t be. Depending on what you are use to, it could still seem a little heavy to carry around when you aren’t vacuuming. It’s not an extreme lightweight, but it’s definitely not a heavyweight either. Thankfully, the self-propelled action will save you a lot of work and energy.

The Eureka 4870gz vacuum is the best over-all value for its class of vacuum. It has many of the professional features that come in larger vacuums like the HEPA filtration and self-propelled action. At the same time, it’s much closer in price to lighter vacuums than many of the higher-cost vacuums. Those features, plus the 12 amps of suction power make the Boss SmartVac by Eureka a great deal.

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