Friday, January 15, 2021
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Consumers Win With Social Networking Sites In The Business

Businesses are using social networking more and more these days to increase the popularity of their product and brand, find more ways to increase sales, and keep up to date on information in their industry or within their individual company. Increasingly social networking sites are popping up who’s main goal it is to help their customers achieve what they need to achieve.

These customer based social networking sites are created by companies to help the average consumer. They may help you find new perspective clients for your business, help you find information you need, and connect you with people offering what you need. Some of these social networking sites do things such as help you find a place to rent or houses to buy, help you find people to play in your band, find a good restaurant, get travel advice, and even get in shape.

One such social networking site is Rent Kong. Rent Kong helps you find apartments and houses to rent. Their search feature lets you choose where you want to rent and then gives you some other options to choose from. Decide how much you want to pay for rent each month, how many bedrooms you need and whether you need things such as a garage or yard and the ability to keep your pets with you. When you find a place that fits your needs you can read a description of the apartment or house and even see photos of what it looks like inside and out.

Other companies will take another route to social networking and their company. They may decide to just create a social network based around their site instead of creating their own complete website. Sites such as Disney have created a portal, separate from their regular site, but still a part of it, just for getting teens together so they can network.

Then there are the type of social networking sites that help you find things like local businesses. Whrrl is such a site. They let you use your cell phone to find restaurants near you, wherever you are. Even if you’re on vacation all you have to do is type in the zip code of where you are and you’ll find a good restaurant nearby.

Many companies are promoting their business website or social networking site from other social networking sites. Take Aquafina for example. They have a very successful MySpace presence. They promote their product and at the same time create a network of friends to help them along. The forum on their MySpace profile is used for getting opinions from their site’s readers and also for help with other company related issues.

Another thing businesses use social networking for is to keep in contact with business partners, clients, co-workers and vendors. This can either be through a social network like MySpace or through an internal social networking program within their company. They can use it bounce around ideas on projects and keep up to date on new information within the company. Or, just to keep in touch with everyone. In order to get instagram views, the ideas and strategies of the person should be impressive. The profile will be good for the engagement of the instant likes and views.

Businesses are coming up with more and more ways to use social networking to their advantage. Whether it be advertising, sales or information they’re out there everyday trying to make a difference for their company. Using social networking for your company can be a big advantage, as long as you do it right. This medium may be new in the world of business, but that’s not stopping businesses from getting out their and giving it a try.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.