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Choosing an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Security Light

When looking for outdoor lighting fixtures for your home, you will want to find something that is going to be both beautiful and earth-friendly. There are a variety of types and styles of outdoor security lighting to choose from at the place that I have chosen in the past, which is from Eco Lighting Universe. On there is a large variety of styles to choose from when selecting the type of design that you want for your outdoor lighting. Prices range from $144 for a light fixture to $743. Some of the designs have reflectors to light downward, which helps to eliminate light pollution. One particular type (L-1820-100W) has a 100-watt security light and a 15″ security aluminum shade. It also has a dusk-to-dawn photocell and has a octagon-shaped housing with decorative cooling fans.

Another fixture would be the L-1741, which is a 150-watt security light that comes in a set of two. This item is energy efficient just as the other light, and has a 12″ acrylic reflector. It has the dust to dawn photocell and comes with its own heavy duty three-point mounting arm.

If you are looking for security flood lights you have a few options to choose from as well. The most cost-efficient type that they have is the L-58, which is a set of 12 150-watt mini halogen flood lights. These mini lights do not come with the mounting fixtures, but do include the halogen bulbs. This item has a die cast metal design for maximum light control, and a pebbled glass lens. There is another type that is an all metal fixture, which is the L-105. This particular light also comes in a set of 12, but instead of bulbs it uses florescent lighting which is included. This fixture comes with its own mounting arm and ½ IPS thread and has a non light-polluting hinged face frame, as well as a decorative pebbled glass lens.

If you are a DIY type of person, then you will want to know the best way to install these types of lights. One really good thing to know first before buying the lights is how much water will be exposed to these lights. So, make sure to know exactly where you plan to install them, and estimate how much water is exposed to that area during the rainy seasons. Not every light is suitable for a lot of rain, so when you do purchase them, you must check to see if they are for “wet” areas (can be exposed to heavy amounts of water) or “damp” areas (not directly exposed to water, but can handle some moisture or condensation).

You may also want to choose whether or not you want motion-sensing lighting, While not all types of lights offer this as an option, those that do are very beneficial to very dark areas where danger could be a factor. When movement is detected, the bright, illuminating light will shine and stay on for minutes after the motion has stopped.

Other things to consider would be the type of light you install based on the local weather as well as the ease or difficulty of its installation. Surely you do not want the job to be so simple to install that it is just as easy for a burglar to uninstall.

Having outdoor security lighting is a very important thing to have for the safety of your home and the people who live in it. Choose wisely in the styles and types that you need to have and then have fun with it. You will be pleased with the end results.

Apart from the lighting, you can also try out some of the best battery powered security camera so that there are little chances of thievery in the area and burglars will think twice before trying their hand out at stealing from your house atleast for fear of getting caught.

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