Friday, April 16, 2021
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Bitcoin Binary Options Another Way To Trade

Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, has made the news headlines again, this time for its wildly fluctuating value. In the space of a matter of a few days, it fluctuated between $266 per Bitcoin all the way down to $50. Add to the fact that Satoshi, Nakomoto, the founder of Bitcoin, has apparently disappeared, and Bitcoin took up quite a bit of space in the papers. As you read this torque trading system review, you will see the different trading options that are there in the market and can be accessed by you easily.  Satoshi Nakomoto is not believed to be the founder’s real name, it is thought to be a pseudonym instead.

For those of you who have not yet looked into Bitcoin and don’t know what it is – it is an electronic, virtual form of payment, run by peer-to-peer payments and involving no regulation, no governments, and no central banking institution. It allows for payments to be made directly without having to involve any third parties or having to pay exchange or transfer fees and it is completely anonymous and untraceable.

To stop inflation affecting it, there has been a limit on how many Bitcoins there will be – by 2040, when mining will cease, there are expected to be 21 million of them.

Bitcoin, as a currency, was first introduced in 2009. However, it didn’t really start to take off until the beginning of this year when its value per unit increased 1000 times. This has been linked, loosely, to the financial and banking crisis that struck Cyprus, forcing many to start looking for another way of storing their hard-earned assets.

Now, because of this, one British Forex Provider has decided to start up a Bitcoin Binary Option.

What is Binary Options Betting?

It’s in the name – options. Binary Options Betting means that you are betting on the outcome of a trade – the result will depend entirely on the markets and currencies, and it will either fall or rise.

The big question is whether it will do as you predict, by the expiry time. It doesn’t really matter how much the currency goes up or down, all that matters is that you predict the correct direction. Because they are a highly controlled form of risk, Binary Options are extremely popular – right from the start you will know exactly how much you will gain or lose.

Binary Options betting on Trader24

Trader24 is a company that has more than 25 years of experience in this field. With the exception of the weekend, they are a 24-hour company and have an incredibly easy to use Options Service.

Once you arrive at their homepage on the internet, you should select Currencies from the options listed. Now, choose the asset that you are interested in and pick whatever expiry time is going to suit your personal needs. If you believe that the price of your particular asset will rise at expiry time, select Call. If, on the other hand, you think it is going to drop then select Put. Choose how much you want to invest in your trace and then just sit back and wait for the expiry time.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.