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Best Options To Fix Your Iphone 11 Glass Back Cover

It’s surely fantastic to own an iPhone 11. You have a cool-looking device with tons of fantastic features and boasts stellar performance. Thing is, similar to few of its predecessors, iPhone 11 is also prone to back cover damage. The iPhone 11 back cover is made up of glass, and is vulnerable to shock and impact.

That’s why it’s common for iPhone users to worry about broken back cover after physical mishaps. It could be accidentally dropping their iPhone 11s, or squeezing it with a heavy object. And whatever the reason of your iPhone 11 facing such problem, you want to fix it the best way possible.

Here are few Options for you to fix a broken iPhone 11 back Cover

  1. Let Apple do the Repair

The first option to consider is to contact Apple for repairing your device. This is the most reliable choice, since Apple technicians know how to fix any iPhone 11 problems. In addition, they carry genuine necessary parts such as the glass back cover as well. That makes it a one-stop option where you’d receive a nicely-repaired iPhone 11 afterwards.

The main problem with this option is the hefty repair price. You must prepare around $600 to $800 for a broken glass back cover. If you’d use your AppleCare insurance, you still have to spend around a hundred bucks or more.

In addition, you must wait for few days before getting your iPhone 11 back. So, don’t go for this option if you need your device soon enough.

  1. Repair it by yourself

Another option to consider is repairing your device by yourself. However, you need the right glass cover replacement for it. You can buy one from a trusted seller. You can look for an iPhone 11 with the same variant that doesn’t work anymore, but which glass cover is still intact. Obvious enough, however, the latter choice is quite hard to find.

Aside from a replacement glass cover, you also need other tools. That includes dispersing agent, ultrasonic cleaner, air gun, strong glue and scraping tools.

  1. Disassemble your iPhone 11 carefully. Be sure not to miss any parts, then get the middle frame where the broken glass pieces are attached.
  2. Next, prepare sufficient amount of dispersant in the ultrasonic cleaner container. Soak the back cover in it.
  3. Cover the container. Then, set the ultrasonic cleaner to work for 30 minutes, and its temperature to 60°C. Wait until it’s done.
  4. Take the back cover and carefully remove the pieces of the glass from the middle frame. Then, scrape the glue residue from the middle frame.
  5. Prepare the replacement glass cover. Using a strong glue, attach the glass cover to the middle frame. Finally, reassemble the entire device, and make sure it works properly.

If you notice something isn’t working, contact an expert technician for help.

  1. Hire a Reliable Repair Technician

This is the best option if you’re doubtful about your DIY skills, but you don’t want to spend a fortune for Apple repair service. Find a reputable iPhone repair service near you, then let them do the job.

Thing is, there are generally two types of iPhone repair service available. First are the technician licensed by Apple itself. They are third-party technicians who are trained under the standard of Apple, and they carry genuine replacement parts.

But you guess it, they charge higher cost as well. Thing is, bringing your device to them won’t wave the initial purchase warranty covering it. They’re licensed by Apple, after all.

Other option is to find technicians not licensed by Apple, but are reputable enough in fixing Apple products. Be sure, however, to find the right service if you’d go for this option. Make sure they have reliable technicians, carry quality replacement parts and offer services on reasonable deals. When you say reasonable deals, that includes price rates and repair warranty.

So, carefully decide between these technician options before paying for any services.

Keep your iPhone 11 on Good Condition after Repair

Say, you’ve choose one of the three repair options above. Then, you’ve gained good results in a form of a fixed iPhone 11 which works like brand new. The next best thing you must do now is to keep it on good condition. That means avoiding the same mishaps from happening.

To avoid another fiasco of broken iPhone 11 back cover, buy an otterbox case for your device. This is a popular and reliable protective casing for iPhone devices. Also, be sure not to place your iPhone on risky situations, such as at the edge of the table and inside your pants’ back pocket.

An iPhone 11 is certainly a precious smartphone. So, take care of it properly, and be sure to go for the best repair option for it when necessary.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.