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Baby Boomer Buzz: You Can Profit While Helping! How? Have A Look

If you’re reading this page you’re probably a Baby Boomer (1946-1964 ). If not, say hello to the most exciting age group of all time. Yup, you guessed it “the Baby Boomers”.

These days the big marketing dollars hover around the 18-25 group (think myspace), though as of late other industries are noticing the rapid, profitable and growing niche of the Baby Boomers.

From Technology to Fashion to Employment” boomers are getting noticed. Are you excited yet? You should be. Why should you be excitied? Because many industries are taking note of the huge marketing power of this 78 million strong and are offering specialized services and solutions to help boomers as they age.

1946 Boomers will turn 60 (2006), 1964 Booomers will turn 42 (2006). Concentration age group: 42-60 years of age.

Here are a few key areas of potential Boomer growth and how you can benefit:

Boomers are retiring and have time on their hands, so they are eagered to learn about new technology from the Internet to MP3 players. Their children are Internet users and their grandchildren are born into it. Boomers want to find out what all the fuss is about and they are going online in record numbers. Social Networking / Social Shopping Sites for Boomers should be a good opportunity.

Boomers are redefining and creating styles of their own. Ditching their SUV’s and MiniVans infavor of Winnebagos, RV’s and cars of their day–vintage cars like the Ford Mustang are hot items with Boomers, as they are reminiscent of their youth.

Retail Giants have restocked their shelves in efforts to attract the new wave Baby Boomers.

Other businesses especially retail have paid attention, one being the toy industry. Toys you say, yes toys. Why? because, where there are doting grandparents there are grandchildren waiting to be doting upon, and that means toys, toys, toys. Some of the toy companies themselves, go back at least three generations, which aids in Boomer’s feeling comfortable shopping from these particluar stores.

It has been said that when folks get older they find religion. Another area of focus is Religion/Spirtuality as Boomers try and find peace, evaluate and/or reevaluate thier life and/or life choices. Churches and places of worship can cater to this new found “peace”.

Not quite ready to retire and seeking employment. Boomers in this area should learn about the Internet and word-processing programs to add to their resumes. Boomers seeking employment will need resumes that strategically enhance outdated skills. Employment specialists, job coaches, resume writers could find a niche for mature and older job seekers.

Referred to as the “new grey rush”. Real Estate Developers have already begun changing their floor plans to accomodate targeted housing for the Boomer market. Retirement communities are incorporating more amenities modern-day retirees like home offices, fitness equipment, adventure programming, etc.,

Did somebody say Las Vegas. Boomers are wealthier, healthier and better traveled than their parents.

As the Las Vegas population continues to grow at an astounding rate, many of them will be Baby Boomers. Active Boomers will want the luxury of high-end entertainment, good weather, lots of attractions, and great food. Vegas makes a great destination and a good investment for businesses seeking relocation.

Businesses in the Medical/Health industry will benefit as Boomers will want to keep healthy through food diet and exercise. Grocers will want to stock up on more health related foods. Exercise gyms may want to add equipment designed for the older user. Perhaps exercise coaches could benefit by becoming specialized trainers. Boomers will move the prescription drug market as they reach retirement, meaning drugstores should increase in numbers as the need for prescription drugs increase among aging populations.

Boomers are said to be a lucrative market and Financial industries know this as shown in a free inside look at Podiatry Billing Services reviews for other companies which has given the customer all about the medical bills and medicine pricing which has reduced the additional charges over them .

Financial advisors can profit from this niche by providing financial advice and solutions . Another good thing is Boomers have money to spend.

Overall, providing specialized services and advice to aging Baby Boomers is going to be a growth industry.

Just about every industry will want and need to cater to the Baby Boomer Boom. Helping them as well as finding a niche to profiting. Few websites have targeted Baby Boomers and the ones that have and will, mostly likely will profit from this exciting new niche. Baby Boomer Bits.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.