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Amazing Rise Of Civilizations Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Rise of Civilizations is a brilliant game that can be a good time killer if you are bored with the usual Android games. Developed by Lilith Studio, Rise of Civilizations can actually become a very interesting game in the long term as you buils your village, protect it from invasions and conquer other enemies. The game features seamless world map where you will be able to engage in different real-time battles with other users. Since this is a strategy based game, you will have to play it with intelligence and useful tactics. In today’s blog we are going to discuss with you some amazing tips and tricks that will help you play the game with greater chances of victory. Check this page for more such guides. 

Let The Quests and Objectives Guide The Overall Progress – the game provides you with several quests that you can complete and there are two different kinds of quests that you can keep track of – the Main and the Side. Make sure to click the visible blue arrow next to the quill tab and collect rewards by completing the quests. Completing the main and side missions will help you to to focus on the important tasks that you have at hand. It also helps you get tonnes of loot and reward for developing other resources. Also, don’t forget to check out the Daily Objectives. Do carry out all the Daily Objectives and gain all types of rewards and activity points easily. 

Join A Very Lively Alliance ASAP! – just as you get an opportunity to join an alliance, make sure to do so and that to with an active one. Lively alliances are paced with gamers who play the game regularly and remain active in the game. Alliances offer several benefits like gifted chests, and new kinds of beneficial technology. It will contribute to your personal building skills. 

Strengthen Multiple Commanders – in the game you will come across several commanders who have their own unique powers and specialty. As you progress through the game, you will gather more commanders for your kingdom. You will have to focus on upgrading each of them over the course of the game play. This will help your troops and village to resist other opponents in a more powerful and effective manner. Also, it is always a good idea to leave at least one powerful commander back at the village during battles. Make sure to participate in the different expedition modes and this will help you gain more rewards which can be used to upgrade your commanders and unlock their extensive skills. Leveling up all of your commanders also provide you with Talent points that unlocks perks/boosts. 

Upgrade All Your Village Buildings Before Upgrading The City Hall – you will need to maintain a balance between the upgrades you make to the village buildings and the City Hall. Depending on the City Hall level you are currently in, you will unlock different buildings and each of them can be built to a max level. Make sure to upgrade all of your buildings to the maximum level before upgrading the City Hall. This will keep you ready for the next upgrade. 

Constantly Recruit New Troops – it is of the best interest that you keep recruiting new troops as you progress through the game. Never allow your commanders to head to a battle all alone. Upgrade your Archery Range, Stable, Barracks etc. in order to build and train more troops to fight off opponent forces and go for conquests. When you have a strong battalion of troops under your commandy, this will help to take down the Barbarians who attack you. It will also provide a strong resistance to the Alliance during the War Skirmishes. Make sure to upgrade them to their max for a better chance of victory. Check out the different categories of troops that are available from the option given at the top bar. 

Wipe Out All The Barbarians and Gather Various Outside Resources – when you are sending your commanders and troops for some adventure, you will find several exploration options as well. Make sure to fight the pesky barbarians and gather various rewards from them. You can also choose to visit the Cropland, Logging Camp, Stone Deposit, and Gold Deposit, in order to gather and accumulate different resources. Don’t forget to check the energy and skill levels of your troops because they will surely fend some Barbarians whenever they go out of the village. Gathering resources is a vital part of the game, because it helps to build the village furthermore. 

Make Full Use Of The Scouts Available – scouts are often neglected by many players in the Rise of Civilizations game. But they can be really useful if you use them the right way. Send your scouts to work and explore the land around you that is covered with mist and fog. Exploring the land will help you discover other villages of other Governors and this can aid your village to gain new allies. Dispersing more of the fog will allow you to get better idea of what is around. Scouts can also discover new areas that are filled with resources that can be brought back home. 

Use Gems Only For Upgrading VIP Level – you must not spend the gems that you gather in the game in other ways but upgrading your VIP level. Gems are a rare form of currency and that is why it is important to conserve them. Upgrading your VIP levels will expose you to different kingdom benefits and also provide you with an exclusive daily chest regularly. The better your VIP level is, the more rewarding it is. 

So, these are some of the best tips and tricks that you need to know about while playing Rise of Civilizations. It is a fun and intense game to play and will require your complete focus. Use the strategies that we shared and you will see that your game progresses much more than others. 

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