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Air travel With a Pet

There are Airline Pet Regulations which mean that certain airlines do have special programs for pet travel whilst others don’t. There are three basiv ways of transporting your pet on planes; you can travel with your pet on any commercial airline, you can hire a charter airline to fly you and your pet to your destination or you can hire a professional pet transporter to do everything from collecting your pet from your house, ensuring your pet’s placement on a flight and safe travel to its final destination.

With regard to commercial airlines there are certain restrictions and legal guidelines for pet air travel. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are the bodies that govern air travel for pets. The airlines have their own specifications with regard to pet travel so it is imperitive that you contact your airline and ensure that they will transport your pet prior to booking. The better airlines have guidelines for pet travel and if you ask they will post them out to you before you make your final decision. It is also important that you have kvaliteetne reisikohver so you can easily pack the things for your dog.

Here are a few guidlines:

Your pet cannot be violent

You pet cannot be ill

Your pet should be fully weaned

Your pet should be at least 8 weeks old

Your pet should have their nails fully trimmed

Your pet should not show any signs of distress

Your pet should have all the necessary documentation

Your pet should have all the necessary health certificates

Vets  amp; airlines do not like to sedate pets during travel however if you are anxious speak to them about sedation

Your travel crate must meet the legal requirements; pet can stand, sit down and turn around

Your travel crate must be marked THIS WAY UP

Your name, address, contact number should be marked clearly on the travel crate

Your travel crate must meet international guidelines (crates made after 2000 usually are up to spec)

You may give your pet a favorite blanket or toy in the crate

You must never feed your pet before a flight

Give your pet frozen water in a container which will melt slowly and won’t spill on takeoff

If your pet is going into the hold then enquire about temperatures during flights

If you are flying in the Summer, fly at night when it is cooler or in Winter during the daytime when warmer

On longer flights try to book a non-stop flight

Take your pets breed into consideration, short nosed dogs (pugs or shitzsu’s) cannot breathe in a cargo area-avoid flying these dogs

The Humane Society of America recommends that you do not transport your pet by air unless absolutely necessary – they base this on “reports received from pet owners, animals continue to be injured, killed, or lost on commercial flights each year. They also state that the “airline industry treats live animals as mere baggage”.

So, before you decide to take your pet on a flight please consider the above information and research the airline thoroughly for past mishaps with pets, their company policy on animals and don’t put your pet into a situation that can be highly distressing.

Travelling with your pet can be very distressing

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