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5 Best Chevy Silverado Replacement Shocks

Shocks are extremely crucial for the safety of the driver and passengers inside a vehicle. Shock absorbers control impact as well as rebound motion of a car’s springs and suspension. Have you got aged or damaged shocks inside your Chevy Silverado. Well, then, it’s about time you look for replacement shocks as soon as possible. You will find a good range of replacement shocks around but then not all would be equally compatible for you. But, don’t worry, the post below offers a brief on some of the top performing chevy 1500 shock for towing.

Rough Country

This is a heavy duty 1.5-2” high quality suspension shock which is fantastic for tall trucks. The shock is backed by superior technology build that allows fine-tuning of torsion bar as well as levelling of rear and front together. Then, the suspension carries 1” customizable range that enables tuning to your preferred range. Its levelling kit houses shock spacers and rear blocks that assures sizeable space for various balancing options for your truck.

Major features to note:

  • Amazing performance
  • Certified Factory-ride shock
  • Blocks carry fabrication
  • Installation support
  • Dedicated support team
  • Comes with warranty
  • Exterior painting
  • Weighs around 41.9 lbs

Bilstein 5100 Rear and Front Shock Replacement

You have a whole shock set here that promises lasting levelling and balancing for your steam. Its first pair will help with black use whilst its other pair will assist in front use. The shocks here carry American manufacturing as well as export certification that testifies to their excellent quality and safety.

The Bilstein shocks promise seamless ride, courtesy solid construction from durable and tough metal. Then, you are sure to admire its magnificent 46mm monotube contour that stands for smooth as well as consistent optimum performance and that too in all driving situations. Additionally, mention must be made of its digressive valve which is able to sense fast changes in between shocks and road surface to ensure perfect balancing effect for your vehicle.

Major features to note

  • Comes with 4 shocks
  • Excellent quality
  • OEM Licensing
  • 46mm monotube
  • Very sturdy and lasting
  • Digressive valve mechanism
  • Simple to install
  • Weighs around 27 pounds

Supreme Suspensions

One of the best things about the product is surely its excellent durability. On one hand, its sturdy for shocks, on another it commands superior power and clearance level. Besides, it provides adequate space for customization and fixing of big rims and tires. The brand even offers you ease to select height preference while installing shocks. Supreme Suspensions products come with installation hardware to ensure convenient installation for users. Also, you will love its simple design which just needs bolt-on installation. 

Major features to note:

  • Two keys for front torsion
  • Premier quality
  • Excellent durability
  • Pro performance product
  • 5” rear-suspension lift
  • 3” front-suspension lift
  • Weighs around 28 pounds

Wulf Suspensions

These shocks are especially known for long-lasting suspension and can lift the truck up till 3” tall. The torsion keys lift the car in a very special way and that doesn’t overrun previous factory keys.

The shock kit houses rear lifting blocks with U bolt extension alongside premier ProComp shocks. The awesome technology coupled with the comprehensive kit assure superior toughness while cruising through tough roads.

You will be assured to know the company promises a very dedicated and prompt support team to cater to complaints or inquiry just anytime. You do have a reliable brand here.

Major features to note:

  • 1” keys for front torsion
  • 3” rear lifting blocks
  • Includes 4 shocks
  • Solid durability
  • Premium quality
  • Great longevity
  • ProComp ES9000 rear and front extended shocks
  • Multi selections for black rear
  • Ideal for your 4WD usage
  • Carries limited warranty

Gabriel Hijackers

When it comes to temporary heavy loads or short-term towing, this is one shock that you will always want to have for your Chevy. It utilizes advanced air technology that allows easy temporary towing for your heavy loads. This is to note here the Gabriel shocks improve vehicle handling as well as highly reduces bottoming risks. Each of the pairs would offer 1100 lbs. additional lifting provided the fitting is perfect. Other important aspects include chrome super-finishing on rod piston and leak-proof seal.

 Major features to note:

  • Adjusts air for easy shock absorption
  • Reduces bottoming out risks
  • Great for temporary heavy-load suspension and short-term towing
  • Doesn’t affect play load
  • Enhances handling
  • 1100 lbs levelling capacity for each pair
  • Exterior painting
  • Comes with warranty
  • Weighs around 12 pounds
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