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5 Advantages Of Using A Pneumatic Wrench

One of the most versatile and handy tools that you can get for different automotive projects and home projects is a pneumatic impact wrench. There are tons of pneumatic wrenches that you can use in order to get the best results in your projects. You have festo USA that provides you one of the best and durable pneumatic wrench that you can use for your personal and professional projects. You get both automatic and manual wrenched that you can use in order to get the desired result. There are automatic wrenches that use electricity in order to work while some wrenches are operated manually. The pneumatic versions of these wrenches use compressed air to generate power.


Here are some of the best advantages of using these pneumatic impact wrenches:

  • These pneumatic impact wrenches are quite efficient as they have high torque levels. You get more torque and efficiency as compared to the wrench that uses electricity as pneumatic wrenches use compresses air in order to produce the required torque. As the wrench uses the air under extreme pressure you get a more powerful impact as well. These higher levels of torque are quite helpful in cases when you are doing a heavy job. This is also applicable to ordinary jobs as well, with the help of the pneumatic wrench you can perform any job without that much effort. This is why with these pneumatic wrenches you get efficient and quick work that gives you a satisfactory result in your work. 
  • Another factor that makes these pneumatic wrenches more appealing is the fact that they are highly versatile. You can do a bunch of tasks with the help of these wrenches without much of a hassle. With the advancement of technology you also get flow regulators in these devices. This allows the device to regulate the air flow in both directions. This also adds to the overall efficiency of the device as well. The feature of air compression is what makes the pneumatic wrench a versatile and multipurpose tool. For instance, you can use the air compressor to spray paint as well as inflate different items and objects. 
  • Another advantage of using a pneumatic wrench is its small size and ease of usage. As compared with all other wrenches that are available in the market you get much smaller and lighter tools as you use these pneumatic wrenches. Since the source of their power is compressed air that you can generate through the air compressor. On the other hand with an electric wrench, you have all the components of the tool assembled in a single unit making it bulky and heavy.
    This way with a smaller and lighter tool you can work easily and more efficiently. With these lighter wrenches, it would be much easier for you to work for longer periods of time without tiring yourself up. Moreover, you get more maneuverability so that you can work properly at awkward angles as well. 
  • With its low maintenance and high durability, you get an amazing and reliable tool. This is because you get much less internal and electrical components with pneumatic tools as compared to other electrical tools making them more durable and long lasting. Also, these tools use air compressors as their power source so you have more power and less tear and wear of internal parts. This is why these tools are durable and need less maintenance and repair over time. 


  • Lastly, these tools are highly dependable as you work with compressed air so there is no need for you to worry about the power supplies. Once you are ready with your cylinder of compressed gas you can start working with these tools there is no need for electrical outputs and source as well. This is what makes them more useful than electrical tools as they need a constant source of power which might not be there all the time. 
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