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3 Favorite Characters Of AFK Arena

Are you an avid gamer? Planning to start of playing a new one and can’t decide which one to go with? Well, we have one suggestion for you then-AFK Arena. This game has high potential to be your next favorite. If you haven’t heard about the game already, then let us give you a brief about the game. AFK Arena is a role playing game and is a pretty popular choice amongst the gamers. It offers players to play on auto-mode so that they can take a break from playing the game manually while the game goes on. There are afk arena giftcodes that you can get online which offer access to different characters, special powers etc.

Want to know about the characters that are in the game? Here is a list of favorite characters from AFK Arena and the reasons why they are so popular and fan favorites.

  • Lucius

The character Lucius is a special character with unique features. He is the best overall hero of the AFK Arena. Here is a list of reasons why players prefer him over other characters.

  • Lucius is an amazing character and very helpful for your early stage in the game. The character provides you strength more than your current power level. So it is easier to get through the early stages of the game with Lucius
  • Lucius is all about strength. He is perfect for being right on the frontlines. He has enough power to absorb all the damages that your enemies will inflict.
  • His best spell is considered to be- “Heaven’s Protection”. It is a very powerful shield that he uses to protect his allies and himself. The shield is said to be five hundred percent more powerful as his attacking power.
  • Lucius has also got healing and buffing powers. His “Divine Blessing” skill helps to restore the health as much as two hundred percent of his attack power. It also helps to provide defense to his allies for about five seconds during the game.
  • Another skill Lucius posseses is “Divine Strike”. It helps him to control a massive crowd at one time. With the help of his hammer he can knock down his enemies who are in the range for a few seconds. His damage can be as much as one hundred and thirty percent.


Ira comes next in the list of fan favourite characters of AFK Arena. Here are the reasons why she is so popular.

  • Ira is excellent in dealing with burst damage to a small crowd of enemies. She carries her bow and arrow and is very swift and perfect with her aim. Each of her arrows is infused with spells, and therefore if it pierces through anything or anyone it is sure to be destroyed. Even if the enemies survive her arrow then they are either left crippled or frozen.
  • Ira’s best skill sets are her speed and ability to move lightly. She is a perfect backline attacker. Her main agenda or characteristic is to damage her foes and cripple them to the extent that they cannot even defend themselves.
  • Her ultimate skill is- “Hail Of Arrows”. This skill helps her to release ten arrows in the air. The arrows randomly rain upon her enemies and cause a damage of eighty percent each. For a bigger impact of eight hundred percent, players can opt to focus all the ten arrows for one big and powerful enemy.

3. Hogan

Another vital character you can play with for better defense, besides Lucius, is Hogan. Here is the list of reasons to help you to understand the character better.

  • Hogan’s defense power is completely different from that of Lucius. Instead of providing shields and healing his allies, Hogan’s defense skills help in failing and depriving his foes of their powers. A stunned and dazed enemy will never be able to cause you any damage at all.

  • One of Hogan’s major skills is the Knight’s Fury”. His blade is armed with spells and with just one swing of his blade his enemies are left completely dazed and incapable of defense.
  • His ultimate skills- “Zealous Strike”. With this skill, Hogan can send his enemies flying off the stage. The attack can cause up to one hundred fifty percent of damage to his foes.
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