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20 Pro Gaming Tips For Blockheads Players

The Blockheads was a game launched in 2013 by creator Dave Frampton. This is owned by a New Zealand based company called Majic Jungle Software. The Android version of the game was very popular and interesting and the developers have been upgrading and adding new exciting elements ever since. If you are a fan of Blockheads or you want to try out something new, then you can now try play this game on your PC.

What is the game about?

The Blockheads is a survival type video game and you have to ensure 5 main things here- provide food, water, energy, environment and clothes for yourself. This is basically a giant sandbox game. It has a lot of simulations like temperature, climate, changes of seasons, etc. The systems are detailed and complex and it does require a minimum amount of concentration and practice to get all the elements right to survive. 

There are mountains and snows and desserts and caves to explore- each location filled with a new adventure. You get to make campfire when it’s cold and get wood to start the fire. Other tasks include dogging through a cave and making sure you have all the necessities you need to survive the climate and location changes. 

Your aim in The Blockheads for PC is to survive all seasons and locations, using the tools which you find on the way, same as in the Android version of the game. 

Tips to Play Well at The Blockheads-

  1. Your Blockheads also need food and sleep and shelter along with clothes and protection and energy. You can find these craft tools around you and with the help of these you can replenish and maintain faster. 
  2. Workbenches will be open for upgrades so keep an eye on that. Clear off the dust and keep upgrading them as you proceed. This will unlock new craft items
  3. When you are in colder regions like the North Pole, you need to make clothing out of fur. 
  4. Find precious gems and stones when you dig. The surface is a home for some rare plants and animals so make sure that you don’t miss a thing- underground and on the surface as well. 
  5. With the help of more tools, you will be able to find more resources, quickly and more efficiently. 
  6. When you’re out in the sea, you need to navigate well. Use the instructions and observe the night sky to make sure you’re going in the right direction. 
  7. When at the beach, the tropical coconuts are very important. So, make sure that you collect as many as you can. 
  8. When you build a campfire, make meat for better food replenishment.
  9. When you make your home, you have to ensure that it’s clean and sturdy, don’t use less than 5 blocks and clean all the dirt. The decoration of the home is all up to you. The door needs to be made out of wood that you collect. 
  10. When you are looking for cloth items, you can find flint if you dig. 
  11. Fun elements like unicorns can also be collected after the rainbow donkeys produce an offspring. New unicorns are also born via the already existing ones. 
  12. Time crystals are a major part of the game. Collect and use them wisely to increase your survival rate and your affinity to find rare items. 
  13. You won’t die in this game but you can get hurt. This would reduce the speed of your journey and also affect the health bar. Steer clear of “dropping bears” and falling trees to avoid injury.
  14. Make lanterns and get heat, protection and health with the help of oil. The oil can be extracted from seeds like flaxseed. 
  15. Avoid the chilli peppers if you can. They make the blockheads steam and it slows down their pace. 
  16. Planting is one of the fastest ways to grow. Always plant a lot. The trees will start giving out extra food for the new blockheads as soon as they are introduced. 
  17. Coffee helps in gaining a lot of energy. But coffee trees are very rare in the game. So, if you come across one, don’t miss it!
  18. Don’t follow others when it comes to your personal goals. It’s always good to play the game from a personal perspective; so the goals you set, need not match the goals someone else had made or something that you read somewhere. 
  19. Donkey riding is a fun element in the game. Get yourself a carrot stick for the donkey and ride fast through the regions. This saves time and energy. 
  20. If you want to replenish, and you have some water and some firewood, you can make a hot tub. 

Follow these few tips and tricks to become a pro at The Blockheads. 

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.