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10 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Step Ladder for Your Home

Step ladders are climbing tools that are self-supportable and do not require any external support to stand. They can be used in spaces where there is no support available to balance the ladder like the middle of a room or ground.

Having a step ladder always comes in handy for any home. While balancing on chairs or stools is not a reliable option, step ladders are the tools that can help you reach each and every high area. Step ladders can make you reach your high ceilings, cabins, and roofs. They are foldable, easy to store, durable, and can be carried around.

Purchasing the best step ladder for your home requires a little bit of research. It is an investment that can last you long. So it will help if you consider the following factors before choosing the step ladder for your home:

  1. Type

There are two kinds of step ladders- the front step ladder and win step ladder. In the front step ladder, only one side can be used for climbing. The other side is only for support. In the twin step ladder, both sides can be used for climbing.

  1. Material

Step ladders are usually composed of aluminium, wood, and fiberglass. Aluminium is the most popular ladder material. This affordable material is lightweight, heavy-duty, and durable. However, it is not a very safe material to use while repairing electrical equipment. A good replacement is a wood. Wood ladders are safe, cheap and easily available. But they are heavy and cannot sustain extreme weather. A more expensive option is fiberglass. This strong material is electricity-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

  1. Weight

The capacity, or the ability to carry, of an average ladder, is between 70 and 150 kilograms. It is important to consider the weight of the user and the tools before buying the step ladder to ensure that there is no risk to the user. Each step ladder comes with a duty rating that tells us the capacity of each of its steps. Duty rating is inscribed in Roman numerals starting from III, the lowest, to I, the highest.

  1. Length and Height

The length of the step ladder refers to the area it occupies on the ground when it is open. Knowing this is important to understand the amount of space required for using the ladder. The height is calculated by taking an average 5’9” person as the measurement. This helps in understanding how a tall step ladder should one purchase depending on his needs.

  1. Storage

Before purchasing a step ladder, be very clear about its storage instructions. Understand where it can be stored to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. Try to avoid wear, rust, and corrosion. Check if it comes with a covering material. Also, see if the ladder can be folded and easily stored in the space that you have available.

  1. Portability

The weight of the ladder, its foldability, and its size will help in determining how easy it is to carry it to different places. It should be easy to carry the ladder to places in and around your home. The portability of the ladder plays an important role in deciding how much and where all will you be able to use it.

  1. Durability

The material of the step ladder will define how long it will last. Analyse what it is made of to understand if it would last long in the temperature, humidity levels, and living conditions of your home. Make sure that it can sustain water and it does not change its property or deteriorate when it comes in touch with moisture.

  1. Features

Some step ladders come with shelves, trays, buckets, or platforms that help in storing tools and paints. Some also come with holes where you can hang your smaller equipment. Good companies provide inbuilt bubble levelling systems in the ladders to help you adjust them and make them stand flat on irregular grounds. Some step ladders come with serrated edges that fix the ladder to the ground with more firmness. These features separate the best step ladders from the rest.

  1. Quality

Before purchasing the ladder, inspect its condition. Make sure that there are no cracks and rust. Ensure that it is stable. The rubbers on the feet and rungs of the ladder have to be in perfect condition. It is also advised to read the reviews of the product online to get a better sense of what you should expect. Step ladders which are branded and come with proper packaging are usually the most reliable ones.

  1. Price

Different models of step ladders come under different ranges. While some are priced higher, others are comparatively more affordable. Set a budget for yourself and then look for only those step ladders that you can afford. Also, check for warranty and discounts that are being offered by different manufacturers.

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