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Wristwatch Review: LCD Digital Scrolling Marquis Watch from Geneva Watch Group

In a retail world dominated by Target and Walmart, it’s nice to have Kmart around. It’s especially nice when you find something in Kmart that the other two big box stores don’t have. I was delighted to find a novel digital watch at Kmart in late 2011. Instead of telling the time in the traditionally expected way, the Geneva Watch Group digital watch I found continually scrolls the time and date across a small LCD screen. It’s like a stock ticker or a movie marquis. It’s a flashy look.

The watch itself has a hard black plastic case, a comfortable silicone strap, and a bright orange non-rotating bezel. From a hardware perspective, the watch seems very solid for a timepiece that only costs $12.99. The 16 millimeter thick plastic case is very tough and looks difficult to damage. However, this digital watch is a little thicker than the thin watches I typically wear to the office. The watch dial is 45 millimeters in diameter. As big as this digital watch is, the actual LCD display is only 20 millimeters wide and 18 millimeters tall. The non-rotating bezel is made of a base metal and protects the watch crystal well. The silicone strap is quite comfortable. It’s 23 millimeters wide and effectively prevents the watch from inadvertently rotating around the wrist.

From a practical perspective, the scrolling display is not as easy to read as a normal digital watch like my Armitron All-Sport Digital Watch or Timex Ironman 30-Lap Triathlon. The women watch can help a woman to slay her look by embracing the latest watch and her classy look, trust us this would be the lethal combination ever. At times when you glance at a scrolling display watch, the month or date will be on screen rather than the time. While the wait for the time to arrive on screen is momentary, the lag is a little annoying in a world of instant information. By hitting the S1 button on the top right, the watch will immediately display the time. You can also follow instructions to set the watch in other more traditional display modes. The watch has traditional digital watch features including alarms and a stopwatch. These all work as expected. When you hit the light button, the display is lit in blue.

Overall, this watch is very interesting as a novelty for the watch box. It’s an attention getter and an attractive choice on “orange shirt day” at the office. It would be even cooler if the display was brighter or had orange LED’s instead of LCD’s. Then, people would pay 4 or 5 times the current price. When you find a watch like this scrolling digital watch or my very cool Sharp Turbine-style watch, you really begin to appreciate the diversity of choices represented by having a big box beyond Target and Walmart. Watches like these make it fun to be a Kmart Shopper. It’s a pretty good watch for less than $15.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.