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Why Should You Switch To Induction Cooktop?

Talk about the modern cooktop preferences of smart homeowners today and induction cooktop tops the list hands down. Induction cooking is actually more economical and more efficient compared to cooking on electric and gas cooktops. Are you planning for a makeover of your kitchen? Do you have plans to modernize your culinary space with advanced cooking appliances? Well, in that case, it’s about time that you switch to induction cooktop. The post below offers a brief on the great advantages of opting for induction cooker.

Faster cooking

Speed is certainly a major draw in induction cooker. Put simply, the advanced cooktop takes less time for cooking compared to electric and gas cooktops. Why so? Well, the secret lies in the operational mechanism of induction cooktop. It works through electromagnetic energy. Traditional cooktops use middleman for transferring heat to pan- gas cooktops use flames while electric ones use electric burner. As a result, it takes for heat to reach your pan.

On the other hand, induction cooker heat your pan “directly” and there is no middleman here. This way, your pan gets heated up faster compared to what happens in traditional cooktops. Electromagnetic activity of the cooktop tends to trigger electromagnetic action in your pan on which your pan would heat up itself. If you want numbers, well, induction cooktops can cook 25-50% faster compared to electric and gas cooktops.

Higher energy efficiency

This is another great point to inspire you to take to an induction cooktop. If you are struggling with spiked electric bills lately, induction cooktop will help to reduce the bills for you. It’s simply because, these advanced cooktops are highly energy efficient.

When it comes to gas cooktops, gas flames tend to release massive heat around pan. Your electric burner also releases radiant heat while heating your pan. In case, of induction cooker, heat gets generated within your pan itself and more heat reached your food, less heat is released outside.

An induction cooker delivers almost up to 90 percent electromagnetic energy into food cooking inside your pan. In other words, these modern cooktops can deliver around 80 – 90 percent of their electromagnetic energy right into your pan. Gas cooktops can only convert a meager 38 percent of energy while electric one can just manage around 70 percent of energy.

Improved energy effi9ciency leads to reduced consumption of energy which eventually translates to lower electric bills. High energy efficiency also assures an eco-friendly environment.

A safer option

An induction cooker is always way safer compared to traditional cooktops, especially gas cooktops. With gas cooktops, there is always the risk of open flames. If left unattended, the glowing flames can lead to a horrible mayhem in your kitchen. But, there is no question of glowing flames when you cook on an induction cooker. Moreover, an induction cooking surface tends to cool down pretty quickly. Thus, you can let go of worries of fire accidents and burns with induction cooktops.

Gas leak is another common problem with gas cooktops. But, induction cooker does not need gas to operate. Hence you won’t have worries of gas leaks here.

There is a wide variety of induction cooktops in the market today. Look for the ones that offer child lock feature. You should always check reviews from expert sites while buying your induction cooker. There are various sites online that offer pro reviews on various induction cooktops. Just as you have expert online guides like https://raymond-nh.com/ for grill burners, there are many review platforms for induction cooktops as well.

Better control over heat

Most homeowners prefer to have complete control over heat when it comes to cooking food. Electric burners don’t offer many choices when it comes to customizing heat settings during cooking. But, induction cookers assure precise control over heat which allows you to cook food just the way you wish to.

You may mention about gas burners here as they allows control over heat to some extent. But, induction cookers feature more settings compared to gas counterparts.

Cleaning is easy

Induction cooktops do not heat the cooktop surface. Thus, the usual splatters, spills or boil-overs (that you find with other cooktops) won’t really burn onto cooktop here. It makes cleaning extremely easy and fast.

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