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Vape Pens Or Joints- What’s Best For Your Cannabis Smoke?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, there are various ways to do it. But to understand which one is the safest, easiest and best for you, you need to be introduced to the world of vaping. For years, people have been smoking cannabis in joints and pots. With advancement in technology, vape pens have become a rage. According to a certain limited number of studies, people have sworn that vaping has helped them kick the habit of cigarette smoking and that switching to cannabis vape pens has benefited them a lot, health-wise too.

Joint or vape pen?

Smoking a joint is old school and a bit of a hassle to be honest.You have to carry the whole kit, buy papers again and again and then there’s the tedious job to make joint. What if you could smoke your cannabis just by inhaling into a vape pen? Say goodbye to rolling and making roaches because vape pens are here to make your life easier.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is like an e-cigarette. Its named so because it works on the mechanics of a vaporizer. The e-liquid inside is vaporized when it atomizes. The atomisation is done with the help of heating elements like vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol. Some of the e-liquids may contain nicotine as well and you can choose whether or not to buy that. Cannabis vape pens have revolutionized the way people smoked cannabis. It seems like, soon, it’ll be the only way people smoke cannabis.

The vape pen has 4 main parts- the button to heat the liquid or oil or dry herb, the heating chamber when the heating element is present, cartridge and a mouthpiece. There are 2 ways to smoke cannabis in vape pens. By using the dry herb or using oils and extracts of distilled cannabis. The vape pens are different for each. Hybrid vape pens are quite popular for cannabis smoking these days. If you go for it, just keep an eye on the cartridge area. Once it turns brown, it would indicate that it needs a fresh one. Other than that, the whole experience of using a vape pen is just amazing and easy, as compared to making a joint from scratch. If you are a beginner, look for a vape kit for cannabis smoking and get started.

Why not a joint?

First if all, it’s a lot of work. Crushing, removing seeds, using the paper, finding or making a roach, rolling it- the process is long and tedious. If you are travelling and you want to smoke on the go you have to carry a lot of things. But if you smoke your cannabis through a vape pen, you just have to carry the pen.

One main reason why people are preferring the vape pen over a joint is because you get most of desired cannabis elements from a vape pen. When you smoke a joint, you’re burning the flower to inhale the smoke which removes almost 30% of the THC. But the vape pen controls the temperature. Only heats the flower to a limit till which the cannabinoids and THC’s are activated.

The carcinogens and tars are never inhaled because the flower doesn’t burn at all. Because of the lack of complete combustion, vape pen cannabis smoking produces less smoke and less smell as well. You will also be inhaling less toxins. They last longer and more of the product is used as they don’t burn up quickly.


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