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Valuable Tips in Boosting Home Safety for Elderlies

Today, many seniors want to live by their own selves—whether alone or as a couple. But as their loved ones, you can’t simply leave them in an unsafe house. Their limited and decreasing physical capabilities are worrying to think about, hence you want to improve safety in the place where they live. Anti pince-doigts, sufficient railings and non-slip flooring among other safety features are helpful, as well as keeping the home on certain condition.

In improving home safety for elderlies, remember that it’s not about merely installing safety devices here and there. It’s conceptualizing a safe home where seniors can live with small to zero accident risks. All the while considering their deteriorating bodily functions, such as limited mobility, vision, hearing and balance among others.

How to come up with a Safe Home for Elderly Loved Ones?

  • Clean and Declutter

Starting with the basic, see to it that your elderly loved ones are living in a clean and clutter-free environment. Any mess poses risks of slipping, tripping or falling. Heavy unarranged objects on a high point may fall to the person too.

So, begin by cleaning the entire home and decluttering it. Throw, give or sell away stuff that aren’t usable in the home anymore. Give elderly-friendly cleaning devices to your loved ones as well, so they can do minor clean-ups and upkeeps even while you’re away. Nonetheless, visit them at least every week to do major cleaning which are difficult for them to accomplish.

  • Make a Non-Slip Flooring

Most home accidents involving seniors are about falling because of slippery flooring or with some accessories on it. Think of shiny yet slippery concrete, carpets and area rugs among other flooring styles, as well as slippery bathroom floor. As a solution, make a non-slip flooring all over the home, while providing enough support for your loved ones to hold upon.

Prefer wood or epoxy coated flooring over carpets. Add non-slip paddings underneath area rugs. Remove any rugs at the bottom, top and throughout the stairs as well. Lastly, install some grab bars your loved ones can use for support, especially in the bathroom.

  • Deal with Wires Properly

Be sure the home is free from any loose cords or wires which may cause tripping among elderlies. They pose serious risk of electrocution as well. So, consider keeping wires beneath walls, or keep them suspended on walls using some tapes or special nails. Another simple solution is to put appliances near power outlets, so wires won’t scatter on certain areas.

Be sure power outlets are located on proper spots too. For example, it must not be too high for your loved ones to easily reach it, but it must not be too low as well to avoid the need of doing low back bend. Take note of the main electrical panel of the home too. Be sure it’s easy to turn on and shut off when situation requires.

  • Install Sufficient Lighting

Seniors tend to suffer from low vision as well. So, it’s wise to maximize lighting in all areas of the home where they live. First, understand that LED lightbulbs are much brighter than incandescent or traditional fluorescent options. They consume lesser energy too.

Install LED lightbulbs on all spots in the home. This includes the main rooms, hallways and basement—even on the home exterior. Be sure the home receives sufficient sunlight on morning as well. Then, place mirrors, glass and reflective items on different spots to make a room brighter.

  • Emergency Call Systems

Lastly, it’s important to give your loved ones easy methods to call anybody in cases of emergency. Think of sudden breathing difficulty, physical accidents happening or even cases of burglary among other unwanted scenarios. Yes, mobile phones are helpful for such instances, but systems specifically designed for distress calls are better.  That makes it easier for them to call you, the hospital, the police or the fire department depending on the emergency.

These are only few of the best ways to improve safety of the home where your elderly loved ones live. Feel free to search more for their welfare today.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.