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Unique Décor Ideas – Oriental Rugs

You might have heard of oriental rugs and of their high value, but are you confident that you know enough about them before investing in one? Oriental rugs are often used to beautify home décor and are indeed a magnificent addition to any room.

So, where do Oriental rugs come from?

Oriental rugs are made in an area landscape called the ‘Rug Belt’ of the world which basically stretches out from Morocco across North Africa, the Middle East and towards Central Asia and Northern India. It includes a long list of countries where people from different cultures and religions produce these oriental rugs.

Original oriental rugs are those that are heavy pile-woven carpets that are made by hand. History indicates that they have been around for a long time and the oldest existing one that is known is the one found in Siberia by a Russian archaeologist in the 1940s. This rug is known as the Pazyryk rug that is traced back to the 5th century BCE.

Types of Oriental rugs to look out for

If you are looking to invest in one, understand what type of rug you want because oriental rugs differ based on characteristics like where they were created, how they were made and what their designs look like.

Chobi Ziegler

These are a traditional style of Oriental rugs known for their muted colour scheme and soft designs that are classic. This rug style is known to have been created in the 1880s. It is considered to be among the upper tier of Oriental rugs and is high in quality.

Persian Rugs

These are rugs that have been hand-woven in Iran. They are one of the most respected, and oldest rugs are extremely traditional in nature. They often feature motifs like flowers, jugs, pomegranates, lotuses etc. They come in traditional colours like beige, gold, brown, blue and red. They are of tremendous quality and have high knot counts.

Ikar Rugs

They are named after the design itself which is one of the oldest known designs in the world. The Ikat pattern has been a part of ancient cultures from Peru, Japan, Yemen to India. This design is tribal-looking with abstract, tie-dye features. There is a unique dying and over-dying process that is used in the making of these rugs, which gives them more colour variation and depth. Some of these rugs have motifs of historical significance too.

Berber Rugs

The Berber rug is a very versatile carpet style which suits with many kinds of décor. These rugs are usually light in colour with flecks of dark colours. This type of rug has now become varied and is being in made in solid colours too. These rugs have become popular because they are less costly than other styles.

Bokhara Rugs

These rugs are similar to Persian rugs and are defined by where they were made. Bokhara is located in modern-day Uzbekistan, which is a location known for producing rugs in a signature style historically. The design features classic colours of red, navy and brown with oval-shaped motifs.

Final Verdict

No matter what style of rug you choose, always remember that a beautifully crafted Oriental rug can never go out of style. It can be used in surprisingly versatile ways in different kinds of homes. Oriental rugs come in thousands of options in terms of pattern, fabric, colour and style that there is one out there for any décor purpose. Not to mention, these rugs have such value that they can be resold too.

If you are looking to experiment with Oriental rugs for décor, try monochromes or neutral ones to go with the décor or get a rug that matches your furniture, take a leap of faith and don’t be afraid to mix patterns!

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