Monday, July 26, 2021
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Twitter, Changing The Face Of Social Networking

Can something change the world of social networking? We all know Facebook can be updated via a Blackberry or other similar mobile device. However, Twitter does not require this. All you need to update it is any SMS enabled device. All you do is simply send an SMS text message to 40404 to update your status. You can still update from online of course. For me this is a huge leap since I do not have a smart phone capable of Internet browsing.

Twitter is not necessarily the best of the social networking sites. However, there are certain advantages to how easy it is to update your status and it might be a wise thing for sites like Myspace and Facebook to follow. According to you can use your Twitter account to update your Facebook status using a Facebook app. Well now it is easy as 123 to update your Facebook status. However, if Facebook were to use this same method it could make Twitter become extinct. The beauty of it for now is, however, Twitter remains fairly small so most only have a small group of people they follow and so the texts do not get annoying quite as fast. If someone were to follow say more than twenty people the number of text messages would then become quite annoying, especially, if they were trying to text several people at the same time.

The ability to receive friends status updates through Twitter is great. You can see what your friends are doing. The only limitation being anyone can see what you or your friends are doing, This could be considered a flaw to some but a beauty to others. Plus Twitter does not send you any of those annoying e-mails. They just send you the text messages from the people you want to get their status. So if you used Instant and cheap Instagram likes from BuzzVoice and you got a lot of followers on IG and so on your twitter, you might be flooded with a lot of notifications. But this is a good side for those who are really looking for more followers.

Also, according to twitter has changed the way professional poker is played. They said Doyle Brunson sent a tweet that said “Still in 10k split. Didn’t sleep much but feel OK….”, this could have either been the truth or was he bluffing. Any of the other people in the tournament could have saw that and made either assumption. Professional poker players however are not the only celebrities with Twitter. Many other movie stars, musicians, etc. have a Twitter account and can be followed. This can allow you to get your favorite celebrity’s updates the minute they send them in.

Just because Twitter is so simple, almost to the point of being too simple, does not mean it could not change the face of social networking sites forever. With its revolutionary text messaging update system who knows what other sites may soon follow in their footsteps or what popularity it will gain.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.