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Top 4 Rabbit Hutches For Your Furry Friend

We all love our furry little rabbits. They run, they hide, they jump and they make our day. Yet with all the fluffiness and all the playtime, comes the problem of littering around the whole house. The solution is very accessible and pet- friendly. We live in our homes, comfortable and snug. So should your pets. This is where a rabbit hutch comes in. A space of their own would not only keep them, safe but also integrate training of litter and play with their masters.

The question is to choose an appropriate hutch that would suit your pets and will satisfy your reliability for a safe space for your pet.

Backyard Wooden

  • With sliding metal locks, it’s extremely safe and one of the best rabbit hutches The probability of an accident happening is very low.
  • Its spacious unit is very roomy and the cleaning tray is very easy to remove are clean.
  • Designed to be stationed in your backyard, you can let out your rabbits right to your grassy grove for a quick playtime and let them hop around in the yard to stay healthy.
  • The shingles are water-resistant so the wooden panels won’t be affected when in contact with water.
  • Wire meshes are used for maximum airflow throughout the wooden structure, making the hutch well ventilated.

The Stilt House

  • This quaint still house makes way for a spacious playhouse inside and your furry friends would just adore it.
  • The two-story hutch gives your bunny plenty of room and enthusiasm to exercise and play.
  • Beneath the hopping area, a large space is dedicated to your rabbit’s unrestricted movement.
  • The hutch is usually around 36 inches in height to house the two-story structure.
  • And yes, it looks lovely with its rustic auburn wooden paneling with white-colored frames.

White Picket Fence

  • This is a mini-farmhouse dream that is quite adorable and sweet to keep your fluffy bunnies in.
  • Resembling a barnyard residence, your pet would feel right among the greenery.
  • This spacious hutch has a courtyard that is a good area for the bunny to exercise.
  • A small ramp will let your pet frequent the hutch and the courtyard.
  • This hutch is 32 inches tall and is surrounded by wire mesh to protect the rabbit and prevent it from going out.
  • And the whole house is made with sustainable materials which will keep your bunnies health to the optimum.

Pawhut Outdoor House

  • Perfect for more than one bunnies and it is good in every way. if you have a bunny couple at your home, this will be the ideal habitat for them.
  • Spacious enough for both of your pets to snuggle or hop around.
  • Surrounded by wire mesh also.
  • Its unique feature is that it utilizes the grassland in your backyard as its floor to give your bunnies a sense green. It makes them feel right at home.
  • It comes with a removable roof, and a safer non-slip ramp with assembly tools included to ease your access to your pets.

Rabbits are truly a delight to have as pets, and it is special to have them around your children. One thing to remember always is that one should never opt for a wire mesh since that will cause sore hocks.

David Scott is the head writer at TRI PR. He better part of his college life as a journalist for the college magazine. He still writes and he loves it.