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The Impact of Continual Growth in Home Education

In his own writings, John Dewey, co-writer of the Humanist Manifesto, specifies the public education system as Humanism’s greatest ally as a couple of hours of Sunday School each week are no competition for the countless hours of humanistic indoctrination that America’s youth will encounter. With the aid of B.F. Skinner, the Father of Modern Education and forced public schooling in the United States, they have worked to conform America’s youth to the goals of Humanism. This information is almost shocking and unbelievable until we take the time to reflect upon the consistent degradation of society and the role education has played in eliminating Christianity, the importance of the role of family, and in manipulating and controlling scientific and historical truths and theories. Upon reflection is the unpleasant realization that the goals of the fathers of our education system to attack the values that have defined and built America into the once respected, kind and powerful nation she is, have succeeded.

As humans, prone to selfishness and deception, we have accepted this idea that children do not need their parents to raise them, there are people that get paid to do that. We have supported decisions and trends that ultimately place our children in one place, and their parents in another, often in an environment contradicting the values and morals that parents attempt to instill in these children at home. We need bigger vehicles and larger homes, for our 1.7 children. We have created lifestyle standards built upon insistence of the unnecessary. The fault with this rationale is the non-generational focus, the focus is not on our youth and the future of this nation.

The family’s educational and career choices are presently changing at notable rates, and are certain to continue to change more significantly as time brings greater realization of the influences of our personal decisions and external forces bring additional changes and impose additional rules and limitations upon the American family that many will become unwilling to accept. The number of families choosing to educate at home is now over 2 million, becoming the fastest growing of all educational choices provided. With the changes that are inherent within the family relative to this choice include growth in home businesses, demands for jobs with the option to telecommute, the search for quality and accredited online education options and for virtual employment opportunities. Online support and resources specific to the new focus on family will increase in availability and presence.

Growth in companies providing support or material to the home educator, non-traditional secondary education options, and outsourcing or telecommuting opportunities will find growth and prosperity as the negative results of our past decisions encourage us to make necessary lifestyle changes for the sake of our children and our country. In a more positive light, these lifestyle changes will bring hope for our children, their future families and our nation, as these children are trained with moral conviction, and educated in truth and practicality. Besides all this, kids can be taught about online businesses and multiple options that they get as they start with home education. They can easily buy amazon accounts for sale that is the first and the most important step in setting up any online home business.


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