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Should You Invest In BTC?

Ever since its inception, Bitcoin has been through highs and lows. It reached its ATH in 2017 by reaching 20,000 USD per coin. But, suddenly at the start of 2018, it left the whole crypto world in shock by stooping to a stupendous low (10,000 USD per coin). If you consider BTC’s performance last year, BTC had to struggle through a rough bearish market. However, Bitcoin is on rise once again. According to experts, Bitcoin could reach $1 billion by the end of 2020. As of now, after 6 months of low, Bitcoin seems to be climbing up again.

Now, this brings us to the constant question- is it safe to put money on BTC? Well, when it comes to investments, it’s a risky business. No investment medium can assure you fool-proof security. But, when it comes to Bitcoin, despite its volatility, majority of market experts have highlighted the coin’s strong potential. Please read below to know mehr über Bitcoin Era and understand its great prospective.

Why should you invest in BTC?

Bitcoin is fast gaining acceptance

Although Bitcoin was not considered to be a part of the mainstream financial market initially yet the coin is fast gaining acceptance today. As of now, around 30,000 stores and 100 merchants have confirmed to use Bitcoin. More acceptance in the mainstream financial market implies a speedy rise in the market value of the coin. In fact, many of who’s who of the current business world have started accepting Bitcoin today, such as Microsoft, Newegg, Starbucks and so on.

They are scarce

Bitcoin is often dubbed as the new gold. Why? Well, like gold, BTC is also finite and scarce. One of the major reasons behind the high value of gold is its scarcity of supply. The same applies to Bitcoin. There are only 21 million BTC and over time, the number will only decrease.

Loaded with benefits

This is one of the main reasons behind the rising acceptance of Bitcoin today and its huge potential in near future. The biggest cryptocurrency comes with a wide range of benefits-

  • Bitcoin is backed by a predictable and sound monetary policy which anyone can verify, thanks to its decentralized blockchain network. It’s absolutely possible to check when new coins are created as well as how many of them are presently in circulation
  • Bitcoin is not governed by any bank and allows the ease of almost instant money transfer globally. And that too at a far lower rate compared to traditional ways of money transfer
  • As the coin isn’t governed by any bank, no bank has the right to block Bitcoin payments as well as close the account of a BTC holder
  • Bitcoin is truly global and is unaffected by the financial stability or condition of a particular nation
  • As a Bitcoin holder, you will stay unaffected by your government’s failed monetary policy in case any such mishap happens in future

A favorite of future investors

Around 68 trillion USD generational wealth will be changing hands in the coming 25 years. In other words, it’s the Boomers and their choice of investment vehicle will be determining the future of economy over time. And what’s their top favorite investment vehicle? Well, according to studies, Boomers are increasingly interested in the crypto scene and have clearly state their preference for Bitcoin over other investment mediums.


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