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Remove Unsightly Lime From Your Faucet Naturally

Lime develops on faucets over time. The more lime minerals you have in your water the quicker the deposits will form on your faucet. A nice polished faucet looks lovely and makes the entire sink cleaner. If the faucet is covered with lime deposits then the whole sink doesn’t look clean. Although you will find that glacier bay faucets are more durable and do not develop this lime over time. Glacier bay faucet reviews by will provide you more honest reviews of different consumers that are satisfied with the quality of these amazing faucets.

Commercial lime cleaners can be very hard on faucets and can leave the faucet dull or even break the silver on the faucet. Commercial lime cleaners are hard on you and the environment. You must take care that you do not let the commercial cleaners stay on your skin. Why would you use dangerous commercial cleaners when you can use a natural cleaner that is safer and much less expensive to use.

You can clean the lime deposits off of your faucet very easy with a natural substance that you probably have in your home. It is vinegar. Vinegar can clean lime deposits safely and will not harm you or the environment. Vinegar is all natural and it is so safe it is many of the foods you eat like pickles or olives.

To clean lime off of your faucet all you need is vinegar and some tissue. You can use toilet tissue or you can use a wash cloth or paper towel if you do not want to use toilet tissue. Take the tissue and soak it in the vinegar. Then place the vinegar soaked tissue onto the faucet. Make sure the whole faucet is covered with the vinegar soaked tissue. Let the vinegar soaked tissue sit on the faucet for an hour at least and then see how it is doing.

Wipe the faucet off with a cloth and water and see if the lime deposits are gone. If you still see lime deposits on the faucet you can repeat the process until the lime deposits are gone. If you have some lime deposits that are not coming out you can use a little baking soda with the vinegar but do not scrub the baking soda hard enough to scratch the surface of the faucet.

You can take lime deposits off of just about anything with vinegar without doing harm but if you have any doubt you can try to put some vinegar in a spot that you can not see to make sure no harm is done by the vinegar.

Try putting vinegar on the drain to take away the lime deposits there. You can wash your whole sink, bath tub and shower with vinegar to take away lime deposits.

Vinegar is a natural cleaner and deodorizer. Vinegar can make what ever you clean with it sparkle and you don’t have to breath in any harmful chemicals while you are using it. Even if you don’t like the smell of vinager it won’t hurt you.

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